Best Mirrorless Cameras for Beginners 2021


Do you want to upgrade from the simple point-and-shoot cameras but the thought of having to carry a DSLR everywhere upsets you? If yes, why don’t you go for the mirrorless cameras?

Mirrorless cameras offer you the ease of usage of a compact camera but allow you to interchange the lenses every now and then. They also have bigger sensors for better control and picture quality.

However, you would have to compose images at the rear LCD of the cameras though in certain mirror-less cameras, the EVF also works.

Mirrorless cameras or the compact system cameras provide you with qualities far better than the simple compact cameras. Besides, if you want to learn the art of photography, the compact system cameras shall allow you to do so owing to their extensive manual settings and controls.

Wondering which compact system camera to choose for yourself? Read the article to know which mirrorless camera is making big in the market now—

1. Sony A5100

Sony A5100


• Sensor: 24.3mp, APS-C
• Monitor: 921k-dot, 3-inch tilting
• Lens: Sony E-mount
• Movies: 1080p
• Max Continuous Shooting Speed: 6fps

The master of creating mirror-less cameras, Sony’s A5100 is one able camera which, however, isn’t absolutely perfect. At 24.3mp, the sensor is amazing in this camera which provides you with detailed and crisp images straight out of the camera sans any editing. The kit lens works absolutely brilliantly.

However, you must make sure to use just one lens for some time. The camera may not work likewise if you use it with anything other than the kit lens, especially if you are a beginner. There is no built-in viewfinder or a hot-shoe. This lack may upset many prospective buyers. The external controls are also quite limited while the touchscreen could just have been better.

2. Olympus E-PL7

Olympus E-PL7


• Sensor: 16Mp, Four-Thirds Micro.
• Monitor: 1037-dots, tilting 3-inch
• Lens: Micro Four-thirds
• Movies: 1080p
• Continuous Shooting Speed: 8fps

Although a bit on the cheaper side compared to Olympus’ other models, the Olympus E-PL7 stands apart as one of Olympus’ most stylish models packed with most advanced features for the novices. The Art Filters are something to look out for in this camera, and provides the images with a creative stance. All in all, it is a fairly good camera, and that’s it.

3. Fuji X-M1

Fuji X-M1


• Sensor: 16.3mp APS-C sensor
• Monitor: 921k-dot, tilting 3-inch LCD
• Lens: Fuji X-mount
• Movies: 1080p
• Continuous shooting speed: 5.6fps

One of the best by Fujifilm, this camera makes use of Fuji’s X-trans sensor alongside a varied arrangement of green, blue and red photosites when compared to the other cameras in the same league. This makes the camera discard the anti-aliasing feature; thus, providing more definition to the images. There is also a great control of the dynamic range that allows softer images even in highly contrast regions. The retro-look and style of the camera along with Fuji’s Velvia and Provia modes makes the camera a great buy!

4. Nikon 1 J5

Nikon 1 J5


• Sensor: 20.8mp, 1-inch
• Monitor: 1,037k, 3-inch tilting
• Lens: Nikon 1-Mount
• Movies: 4k
• Continuous shooting speed: 60fps

One of the best by Nikon1, the J5 brings to you classy style coupled with amazingly designed controls and dials for excellent handling. It also provides very good functionality and usability to the model. A great hybrid AF system and high-speed continuous shooting modes make this camera a great one to use on the go. Yes, the sensor may be quite small but the camera, too, becomes quite handy and easy-to-carry, too, as a result of this.

5. Panasonic G7 4K

Panasonic GF7


• Sensor: 16MP, micro four-thirds
• Monitor: 2 360k-dot, tilting 3-inch
• Lens: Micro four-thirds
• Movies: 4K (3840 x 2160)
• Continuous shooting rate: 5.8fps

Undoubtedly the best in this category, the G7 is one of Panasonic’s best compact system cameras especially designed for the beginners. What captures all the attention is that Panasonic replaces their own kit lens with the more able and small retracting lens that makes the camera extremely handy and small. If you are into travelling, this camera makes your best partner. What’s more is that it provides you with ideal condition to click selfies, too! Unlike the Nikon 1, it promises high sensor as well.

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