The Best Camera Straps In 2022

Best Camera Straps
Best Camera Straps

Are you looking to upgrade to a more comfortable camera strap? Look no further: we have brought together a list of the best camera straps on offer right now.

All DSLR and mirrorless cameras come with a standard strap, but this is often not the most comfortable option for those who spend hours behind the lens.

We have selected the 10 best camera straps out there, taking into account budget, usability, and different shooting styles.

After hours and hours of research and field testing these straps on our DSLR models, we have narrowed it down to 10 models. If you are in a hurry, here is a summary of the best camera straps. We go into test details and reviews below.

 Top 10 Bestseller Camera Straps

The Best Camera Straps In 2022

Peak Design Black Slide Camera Strap

An adjustable, comfortable strap, great for long shoots.

Type: Shoulder, neck, and sling strap | Material: Nylon | Load Capacity: 200 lbs

This camera strap by Peak Design is comfortable thanks to its internally padded webbing, allowing you to wear it for a long shoot without ending up with a sore shoulder. The quick pull adjuster handles make it easy to change the length on the strap when you’re on the go or in a hurry.

The anchors on this strap can hold up to 200 lbs and they’re compatible with any camera, so you’ll be able to carry even your heaviest kit.

However, the attachment discs are made from plastic and the metal buckles could potentially scratch your equipment.

OP/TECH USA 6701062 SLR Wrist Strap

OP/TECH USA 6701062 SLR Wrist Strap (Black)
  • Fits most SLR cameras and binoculars
  • Neoprene strap secures comfortably around the wrist
  • Security slide tightens the strap around the wrist

A budget, easy-to-use accessory that guarantees camera security.

Type: Wrist strap | Material: Neoprene pad and nylon webbing | Load Capacity: 10 lbs

The OP/TECH USA Wrist Strap is cheap, easy to use and a great accessory to have in your camera bag. It fits most cameras and features a neoprene strap with a security slider, which ensures your camera won’t fall off during a shoot.

This is great if you don’t want a heavy strap around your shoulders, but you also don’t want to risk dropping your camera without a strap. For just under $10, you really can’t go wrong with a product that you can throw in your bag and have with you at all times. However, this product is not suited for you if you have large hands and the fittings could easily scratch your LCD camera screen.

BlackRapid Breathe Curve Camera Strap

  • The BlackRapid Curve Breathe camera sling incorporates a unique and ergonomically designed pad that hugs your left shoulder to provide the utmost stability and comfort
  • Click in with the integrated underarm stabilizer to keep the shoulder pad in place as you move about, and while shooting at varying angles and perspectives
  • BlackRapid Breathe series slings are constructed of lightweight, breathable, moisture wicking materials to keep you cool while working your art.

A cross-body gem that guarantees security.

Type: Cross-body strap | Material: Nylon mono mesh, TPE foam, polyester, and air mesh | Load Capacity: Recommended for mirrorless cameras or lighter DSLR cameras

The BlackRapid Breathe Curve Camera Strap provides cross-body security, equipped with a durable locking carabiner. The wide shoulder pad has moisture-wicking properties, ensuring no unwanted sweat patches on clothes after a long shoot.

For even more security, there is an added underarm strap to ensure full control over the camera. When it is all strapped in, the camera comes to rest upside down on your waist, allowing you easy access to grab and start shooting. However, it is quite long, so not ideal if you are not very tall, and there is an unreliable metal clip on one side.

USA Gear DSLR Camera Strap Chest Harness

USA GEAR DSLR Camera Strap Chest Harness with Quick Release Buckles, Polka Dot Neoprene Pattern and Accessory Pockets - Compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony Point and Shoot and Mirrorless Cameras
  • ADJUSTABLE, PADDED CAMERA HARNESS custom fits your body providing hands free use and balance for hours at a time. Excellent equipment for photography amateurs and professionals
  • VERY COMFORTABLE NEOPRENE DESIGN and durability offers even weight distribution around your neck, back and shoulders reducing pain and discomfort. Great camera accessory for hiking and walking
  • EASY TO USE QUICK-RELEASE BUCKLES makes setting up and removing the camera from the harness simple | DUAL LENGTH SLIDING STRAP BRACKETS provide a great holster for photographers of all sizes

A great alternative to traditional shoulder and wrist straps.

Type: Harness | Material: Padded neoprene | Load Capacity: 33 lbs

This unique camera harness by USA Gear provides a great alternative to traditional shoulder and wrist straps. This strap provides even weight distribution across your neck and shoulders, which prevents shoulder or arm pain if you’re using your camera for a long period of time.

The quick-release buckles are easy to use and make it easy to set up the camera harness. The shoulder straps of the harness are padded, and they easily adjust to the shape of your body, making it extremely comfortable.

The camera sits in the middle of your chest, making it easy to pick up and start using. However, the strap is long and might be too long for many photographers, plus metal attachment rings can be weak.

ONA The Presidio Camera Strap

ONA - The Presidio - Camera Strap - Dark Truffle Leather (ONA023LDB)
  • Handcrafted with premium waxed canvas and leather
  • Designed for camera kits weighing up to 6 pounds
  • Neoprene-padded neckline

Quality, handcrafted strap adds a bit of luxury to your camera gear.

Type: Neck strap | Material: Italian-tanned leather neckline, padded with soft neoprene | Load Capacity: 6 lbs

The Presidio Camera Strap by ONA will make holding your camera a luxurious experience.

Handcrafted with premium canvas and leather, chrome hardware accents, and a padded neckline, this strap does not skimp on quality.

It is on the heavier side, so it works extremely well with heavy or professional cameras: it is able to hold a camera up to 6 lbs. The chrome buckles make adjusting the strap very easy, and the flexibility of the strap allows you to put your camera away in your bag without having to detach it.

However, it is expensive and heavy in comparison to other straps.

Altura Photo Rapid Fire Camera Neck Strap

Altura Photo Camera Strap Quick Release & Safety Tether, Adjustable Camera Neck Strap, Comfortable Camera Sling Strap for Canon, Nikon & Sony, Secure & Safe Quick Release Camera Strap
  • LIGHT AND COMFORTABLE: Neoprene pad distributes weight perfectly, with comfortable design shaped to fit perfectly around shoulder for constant use and travel. Even includes a zipper pocket for storing extra batteries, memory cards, etc.
  • REINFORCED MATERIALS: Durable reinforced solid metal plate (not plastic!) securely fastens your camera onto the strap. The plate also features a protective rubber bottom layer to prevent slippage or scratches.
  • FULLY ADAPTABLE: Plate and camera can be attached to a tripod without needing to remove the plate from the camera! Features quick-release design for easy attachment and removal while using your camera. Easy to take photos while on the go!

A Handy strap that can be used with a tripod.

Type: Shoulder Neck strap | Material: Neoprene | Load Capacity: 44 lbs

The Altura Photo Rapid Fire Camera Neck Strap is compatible with any DSLR camera that has a tripod screw mount.

It can be secured to your camera with a solid metal plate that screws into the tripod mount, reducing the risk of you dropping your camera. Plus, if you need to use a tripod at the same time, you can mount it using the same plate (without removing the strap from the camera)

The neoprene shoulder pad makes it comfortable and it even features a small zipper pocket to fit extra memory cards or batteries. However, the strap is not suitable for heavy camera kits and can be weak.

HiiGuy Camera Strap

HiiGuy Camera Strap, Adjustable Padded Sling for All SLR and DSLR Cameras, Neck and Shoulder Strap, 32 Inches Long, with Screw Mount, Safety Tether
  • More for Your Money: You get a premium quick-release camera strap... plus a durable screw mount, optional safety tether, microfiber lens cloth, memory card case & more. All at 1 sensible price
  • Safely Supports Any SLR Camera: With its stronger stainless-steel screw mount, your rugged HiiGuy camera sling securely holds any equipment – from a small digital camera to a professional zoom-lens model
  • Comfortably Fits All Photographers (Even Tall Ones): This adjustable camera neck strap measures a full 32 inches long, so you enjoy maximum range of motion. Just lift your camera & shoot

A great value strap suitable for photographers of all heights.

Type: Shoulder Neck strap | Material: Synthetic microfiber cloth | Load Capacity: 22 lbs

If you’re looking for a cross-body strap that gives you plenty of bang for your buck, the HiiGuy Camera Strap may be just what you need.

It is completely adjustable, so you are able to decide where on your body you would like your camera to sit. This makes it perfect for both tall and short people, unlike some other cross-body straps.

This strap ensures that the weight of the camera is distributed evenly so that you don’t end up with a sore arm after a day of shooting.

LIFEMATE Scarf Camera Strap

LIFEMATE Scarf Camera Strap,DSLR Camera Strap Universal Neck Strap,Fabric of Bohemia Floral Scarf Camera Strap (Grey)
  • Comfortable with fabric of rayon
  • Stylish and fashion with unique vintage and ethnic floral patterns
  • Adjustable endings with easy length adjustment

This perfect gift makes comfort stylish.

Type: Camera neck strap, or cross-body strap | Material: Rayon fabric | Load Capacity: 6.5 lbs

If you’re looking for a strap with a touch of style, look no further than the LIFEMATE Scarf Camera Strap. It works like a normal strap, but the rayon fabric that sits around your neck is fashioned to look like a scarf. The material is available in many different colors and patterns.

This would make a great present for photographers who wish to hide the fact that they are carrying an expensive camera, especially among crowds.

The ends of the strap are completely adjustable and easy to use. The lightweight fabric ensures the strap doesn’t dig in or feel uncomfortable after prolonged usage. However, the length of the strap is very short, and there are no quick-release buckles.

Peak Design Leash Camera Strap

Peak Design Leash Camera Strap (L-BL-3)
  • Light, quick-release camera strap that fits in your pocket and carries over 200 lbs (90kg) of gear.
  • Universal compatibility with all cameras, including CANON, NIKON, SONY, FUJI, and other systems.
  • Smooth seatbelt-style webbing glides over clothing for fast camera access and all-day comfort.

A versatile and stable strap, great for shooting video.

Type: Sling strap, neck strap, and shoulder strap | Material: Seatbelt-style nylon webbing | Load Capacity: 200 lbs

The Peak Design Leash Camera Strap is the ultimate accessory when it comes to adaptability. You are able to configure this strap around your neck, as a sling, or as a traditional shoulder strap. Plus, it has a quick connecting system with angled anchors, that allows you to connect and disconnect the straps with one hand.

As well as a strap, you can also use it as a stabilizer when shooting video: it eliminates most of the unsteadiness you’d get from using your hands for stabilization. However, it is not that easy to quickly switch between strap set-ups.

BX Design DSLR Camera Strap

DSLR Camera Strap Quick Release | Hand Strap and ¼ Mounting Screw the Complete Bundle by BX Design
  • THE NEWEST CAMERA STRAP, This light, comfortable, vegan-friendly camera strap made from premium cotton will feel soft around your neck or hand. Our Premium Pack includes the following: quick release shoulder camera strap, wrist/hand strap , ¼ screw with protective rubber. This stylish, unisex camera strap will make you look professional and on trend.
  • TESTED STRENGTH, Each connector of your new camera strap is tested on 5 Kg, MULTI-CAMERA USE: Our best selling camera strap can be easily connected to any camera because of its thin and strong connecting lanyard. You can use this strap on to multiple DSLR cameras like Sony, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic

    180 DAYS WARRANTY, Quick-Attaching By One Click, Black Cotton Strap better than lether .
    Long as you need for neck or shoulder by women and men.
    Lo, Fuji, Instax, Kodak, and more!

  • CAMERA PROTECTION, This DSLR Camera Strap won't damage your camera. We don't use metal buckles that can scratch or dent your lens or body during transportation or use.

Vegan-friendly option that is a durable and strong choice.

Type: Neck and hand strap | Material: Black cotton | Load Capacity: 11 lbs

The DSLR Quick Release camera strap bundle by BX Design provides you not only with a neck strap, but also a wrist strap and a mounting screw: everything you need in your camera kit.

The soft cotton strap is vegan-friendly, extremely comfortable to wear around your neck, and can hold up to 11 lbs in weight.

BX Design decided against using any metal buckles, to ensure no marks or scratches to your equipment. The anchoring system on this strap is extremely durable, strong, and able to hold any brand of DSLR camera.

However, the snap clips are weak and the release system can be difficult to use.

How to Choose the Best Camera Strap?

Choosing the right strap for you depends on the type of photography you want to focus on.

Load capacity, however, is not the only thing to consider. Here are the main things to bear in mind when buying a camera strap.

Consider the Weight of Your Camera

A photographer’s worst nightmare is seeing their camera drop to the ground: you have to think carefully about the weight of your camera and also where the strap will attach.

They all come with different load capacities. Mirrorless or point-and-shoot users will be fine with a minimalistic strap, but for those interested in wildlife photography, or shooting distant subjects with telephoto lenses, it is wise to go for something more sturdy.

Straps built with seatbelt-style nylon can carry heavy loads. Harnesses, on the other hand, distribute the weight better and offer increased stabilization.

If you travel with multiple camera bodies it might be wise to opt for a strap with a quick-release system, so you can switch between cameras without effort.

Stylish vs Functional Straps

We’re not going to pretend looks don’t matter. Choose a camera strap that is functional, but also consider its aesthetic style.

This doesn’t mean you should change your standard strap to make a fashion statement, but rather as a security measure, so you’re not walking around with ‘Nikon’, ‘Canon’ or ‘Sony’ written in big letters around your neck.

A simple camera strap without branding will help you avoid unwanted attention in busy areas.

Comfort Is Key When It Comes to Camera Straps

You’ll be carrying your camera around for hours on end, so you should buy a strap that will not strain your shoulders.

You need to decide whether a cross-body strap, shoulder strap, wrist straps, or even harnesses are the best option for you. Many straps offer a layer of padding to protect your neck or shoulders from abrasion.

If you opt for a harness, choose one that distributes the weight of your equipment across your back in the safest possible way.

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Is Quick Camera Access Important?

The type of photography you shoot will determine how quickly you need to access your equipment. Here are the advantages of each type of strap:

  • Wrist straps are useful if you don’t want to carry the camera around your neck, but you don’t trust your grip enough to hold it alone. It fits like a bracelet, securing the camera around your wrist, and ensuring easy access at all times.
  • Full body straps are longer than neck straps and are usually worn diagonally across the chest. You can quickly swing the camera from your side and shoot comfortably in any position.
  • Harnesses allow the camera to sit in front of your chest. The camera is less likely to move while you are walking, and you can rely on multiple straps for extra stabilization. This feature can be particularly useful when shooting videos.

Strap Materials Matter

Camera straps are normally made out of durable synthetic fabric, with some exceptions. Synthetic fabric is lightweight, quick-drying, and has a high load capacity.

Many straps offer a layer of padding: cushioning helps reduce pressure on the shoulders, but it can also cause sweating. Because of this, many straps come with a layer of breathable microfiber fabric.

Straps can also be found in leather, which offers good durability and will not be affected by water. There are also cotton vegan options available.

Apart from the fabric, it is important to look at the attachment parts positioned at the ends of the strap. Plastic components may be too weak for heavy cameras. Metal parts, on the other hand, are virtually unbreakable but may rub against and scratch your camera.


The best camera straps are straightforward to use and discreet. In addition to being functional, they avoid attracting unwanted attention.

Whether you’ll go for a wrist strap or a complete harness, making the switch to a non-standard strap will allow you to shoot both faster and safer.

With neck, shoulder, body, and wrist straps available, there is a design for every type of photographer. Plus, with bright colors or plain fabrics, you can choose whether to make a fashion statement or hide in plain sight.

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