The Top Ten GoPro Mounts

Best GoPro Mounts
Best GoPro Mounts

The GoPro Hero 10 Black is the best action camcorder on the market. But without well-designed mounts, action cams are practically useless. Check out our list of the top 10 GoPro mounts that will help you capture immersive footage of your adventures.

The 3-Way

The 3-Way

The very best amount you can get for your GoPro is the 3-Way, GoPro’s unique folding mount. The 3-Way is aptly named because you can use it in, yes, three different ways. You can use the thick part of the mount as a short handle for the camera. This is perfect if you want to capture a perspective that you can’t get from a body mount but don’t want the camera sticking way out from you.

The second way to use the 3-Way is as an extension arm. You attach the long, double-jointed arm to the handle. This allows you to get shots from 20 inches away. This configuration is ideal if you want to get “selfie” footage of yourself without the mount being in the picture.

The third use of the mount is as a tripod. There is a miniature, three-leg tripod that is stored inside the handle of the 3-Way. You can use it on its own, or elevate the camera by connecting the tripod to the handle.

The Chesty

The Chesty

The Chesty is one of the best mounts you can buy for your GoPro. Most action camcorders have a shape that is deeper than the GoPro’s brick shape. This means you can’t use them on your chest without having them protrude awkwardly. The GoPro’s shallow depth allows you to use a chest mount to capture footage that is very similar to what you see on your adventure. It’s also a very secure place to mount an action camcorder, as it’s unlikely a tree branch or other obstacle could knock the camera off without you noticing.

The Gooseneck

The Gooseneck Gopro

The Gooseneck is an 8-inch mount that gives you (literally) tons of flexibility. It’s flexible to any angle, and it features a quick-release base that attaches to most other GoPro mounts. You can use the Gooseneck as a handheld grip, or you can attach it to mounts such as the flat adhesive mount. One of the best uses for the Gooseneck is to attach it to a musical instrument via an adhesive mount for hands-free jamming footage.

The Frame

The Frame Gopro

The Frame is a small, lightweight mount designed to use on the GoPro when it is not in its case. The Frame wraps around the edge of the GoPro, and it features the quick-release bottom that attaches to most other GoPro mounts. Using the GoPro outside of its case allows for much better audio quality, but it is only advisable in low-risk situations, as the HD action cam is notoriously fragile outside of the case. The Frame does include a glass protective cover for the lens of the GoPro. Basically, The Frame allows you to attach the GoPro to other mounts without using the full-on case.

The Suction-Cup

The Suction-Cup Gopro

This mount is ideal for motorsports enthusiasts because it allows you to mount the GoPro to anything metal or glass. GoPro claims the Suction-Cup is safe at speeds of up to 150 mph, which means it’s perfect for the speed-demons who aren’t sure if the standard adhesive mounts will be able to hold the camera in place. Motorcyclists, car drivers, and small plane owners will find this the best way to capture footage from outside their vehicles.

Tripod Mount

Tripod Mount Gopro

Unlike most action cams, the GoPro doesn’t have a tripod mount built-in. Fortunately, you can buy the inexpensive tripod mount, so you can attach the camera to the plethora of available tripods on the market. Tripods are ideal for time-lapse video, where camera stability is of the utmost importance.

Helmet Front Mount

Helmet Front Mount Gopro

The Helmet Front Mount allows you to mount the GoPro to the front of your helmet, rather than to the top. This means the GoPro is far less likely to be knocked off by a low-hanging tree branch without your noticing. The Helmet Front Mount also features an extendable arm, which allows you to extend the helmet cam out and face it toward you, so you can capture hands-free selfies of yourself skiing, mountain biking, or whatever your favorite activity is.

Curved & Flat Adhesive Mounts

Curved & Flat Adhesive Mounts GoPro

These are the classic mounts that are included in your purchase of a GoPro. They feature a low-profile platform one curved and one flat. These platforms attach to a helmet, skateboard, surfboard or any other surface with a tough adhesive that only releases when you apply heat to it with a hairdryer. You then slide into their quick-release mount system with any GoPro case.

Surfboard Mount

Surfboard Mount Gopro

This is a tougher version of the Flat Adhesive Mount. It’s a low-profile platform that features a maximum-strength adhesive to connect to your board. You then slide your GoPro into the quick-release mount using the GoPro standard case. The Surfboard Mount also includes an anchor, which is just a smaller flat mount that connects to the camera with a tether in case the main mount is pulled off the board. The Surfboard Mount also has an FCS plug, which allows you to attach the mount more securely (and permanently) to your board.

Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount

Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount Gopro

This clamp-style mount screws down on handlebars, ski poles, or anything else that is round. It comes with a small, pivoting arm that allows you to adjust the GoPro in three directions. It’s a secure, easy way to attach the GoPro to a variety of round objects. Cyclists will find it especially useful as the best way to attach a GoPro to a bike.

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