Skyscanner Review 2022

Online flight comparators are very useful tools to book discounted airline tickets from various airlines at any time. In order to better serve the “travel enthusiasts“, platforms such as Skyscanner offer more varied offers. Thanks to them, you can, in particular, facilitate your search for affordable accommodation in the country of your choice. They also offer the possibility to plan your travel to the destination by renting a car. Several sites offer all-inclusive packages, but Skyscanner is the most popular among Internet users looking for attractive offers.

Skyscanner, a true reference for flexible solutions for travelers

In addition to its long history on the web, Skyscanner often comes up in the favorable opinions of travelers who compare cheap flight offers. This platform was created in 2001 with the aim of facilitating the tasks of Internet users looking for a flexible solution to organize their trips. It offers air tickets at the best rates with options to specify the destination and dates (departure and return). The site puts forward an algorithm to analyze suggestions from airlines and travel platforms. Whether you want to leave within the week, or in a few months, Skyscanner allows you to book a last-minute flight, and at any time to leave. Skyscanner has over 40,000,000 visitors per month. This platform represents a very flexible solution for good travel preparation, and this, in a total free of charge. Also, Internet users are exempt from paying any additional fees when they choose an offer.

Skyscanner, in the ranks of the best flight comparators

Based on positive reviews, travelogues, and blogs, Skyscanner offers travelers the best flight comparison experience. The ranking of the most popular flight comparison sites competing with Skyscanner is It is a Czech platform that offers Internet users an interactive map to find the most interesting flight offers based on a geographical location. Its main advantage is that it allows visitors to specify the point of departure (airport, city, country). Skyscanner is in competition with Kayak, an American platform created in 2004. Its main focus is the comparison of low-cost airlines and direct flights to the destinations of the visitors’ choice. This tool also puts a method of calculating offers on the web so that Internet users can take advantage of low-cost airline tickets. Founded in 2006, the Momondo flight comparator is made up of a team from Denmark. Its unique feature is its automated system of delivering airfare prices without the need for users to worry about the existence of conditions or misleading offers. This very intuitive platform provides a very efficient user experience, in terms of speed of search. Of course, the suggestions are exclusively for travel at affordable rates. Some travelers have a preference for Algofy, the newest flight comparator on the market. Unlike other platforms, the algorithm used on Algofy does not consist in finding a plane ticket during a search. The functioning of this site is rather singular because visitors are rather invited to choose the right moment to take advantage of low-cost flight offers. While surfing, the user will have to register his email address to get an alert when airfares are decreasing.

Skyscanner, a flight comparator collaborating with low-cost airlines

When travelers compare flight prices on dedicated platforms, they only choose sites that take into consideration low-cost airlines. It is through collaboration with these companies that Skyscanner can offer a low-cost round-the-world ticket. Although Google Flights, Tripadvisor, or offer air tickets at the best rates, travelers mostly prefer the flexibility of Skyscanner. Skyscanner selects the best offers from different travel agencies, such as Opodo, Expedia, or In order to give visitors more freedom in choosing affordable air tickets, Skyscanner also filters out affordable packages from low-cost airlines. Good deals can then be reported by Ryanair, Transavia, Easyjet, or Vueling.

All the advantages of using Skyscanner to prepare your trip

Save a lot of time when looking for cheap airline tickets. This is the main advantage of using Skyscanner when preparing a trip. Internet users get lost in the abundance of low-cost airlines and travel agencies, even if it is possible to perform advanced searches on Google. However, by consulting Skyscanner, it is possible to be more efficient in the queries by specifying the travel dates, the destination, and the airport of departure and arrival. Some platforms for buying airline tickets are interesting but charge a fee. The service on Skyscanner is totally free whether you want to plan a trip to Thailand, Canada, New York, or Dublin. The prices charged on this comparator are exactly the same as those indicated by the agency or the company initiating the offer. The transaction methods on Skyscanner are multiple in order to reassure travelers regarding the security and smooth operation of a reservation. They have the freedom to choose between Mastercard, American Express, or other types of Visa cards to pay. Internet users are constantly waiting for more convenient tools to facilitate their search for discount flights. The Skyscanner team is well aware of this desire, which is why the algorithm for calculating global offers on the platform has been improved in recent years. The site has efficient precision options for selecting destinations, regardless of the country, city, and within a larger or smaller radius of the traveler’s point of departure.

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