Pixel Tablet Unveiled: Google makes Android tablets exciting again

Google could not let it go again and once more revealed many details about the new Pixel Tablet far before the final unveiling and officially confirmed a rumor. The Pixel Tablet will gain massive added value with a special dock.

Google Pixel Tablet supports a “Charging Speaker Dock”.

It had been heard in the rumor mill for quite some time, now Google has simply revealed it itself. During the presentation of the Pixel 7 (Pro) and the Pixel Watch, Google has now already revealed the most important features of the Pixel Tablet. It will be a 10-inch Android tablet equipped with the Tensor G2 chip, which is also used in the new Pixel 7 phones. Accordingly, all software features are supported. However, the highlight is the “Charging Speaker Dock”. It turns the Pixel tablet into a Nest Hub Max and can be operated like a smart speaker with a display via voice:

The Pixel tablet is held in the dock with magnets and charged via contacts. Like a smart speaker, everything can be controlled by voice, and content like photos can be displayed when the tablet is not in use. Google has noticed that tablets are used at home most of the time and often just lie around. With the Pixel Tablet and the dock, this is history, because the tablet becomes a smart speaker with a display and can control many things without having to pick up the tablet.

Google Pixel Tablet coming in 2023

You cannot buy the Google Pixel Tablet yet. It will only be finally presented in 2023 and can then actually be purchased. For me personally, the Pixel Tablet is an exciting story, because I rarely use my tablet, but I often use the Nest Hub with a display in the kitchen to watch videos or listen to music while I cook or clean up. But actually, the display is also too small for me. The 2-in-1 tablet from Google would be a great solution. I just hope that the tablet will not be too expensive.

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