iPhone Galaxy Z Flip: What if Apple were to copy Samsung?

Apple may not be the market leader, but it is still the industry leader. Accordingly, the Android competition takes a cue from Samsung and Co. and likes to copy one or the other iPhone feature. But what would happen if Apple adopted something from the Koreans? Then perhaps something like an “iPhone Galaxy Z Flip” would emerge.

Apple currently still rejects flexible and thus foldable smartphones. This looks different for Samsung. The Koreans already presented the fourth generation of such phones this year and like to make fun of Apple and the iPhone 14 in view of this innovative spirit.

iPhone 14 meets Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

What if Apple would finally launch an iPhone based on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4? Certainly only a thought experiment. But an exciting one, which the VFX artist Michal Dufka from Prague visualizes vividly (source: Behance, Michal Dufka). He calls his creation “iPhone iFold”, but the relationship to the Galaxy Z Flip cannot be denied. So let’s take a look at it … (Desktop users please use the upper arrows to navigate through the individual images).

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