iPhone 14 Pro: Secret feature makes always-on display better

Apple introduced an always-on display together with the iPhone 14 Pro (Max). Unlike many Android smartphones, however, the effect desired by users is limited. It now turns out that the always-on display can also be switched – with a drawback.

iPhone 14 Pro: Always-on display with black and white mode

When Apple introduced the always-on display of the iPhone 14 Pro (Max), the first viewers were already surprised. Unlike usual in the Android world, where such a feature has existed for years, Apple has its very own idea of what such an always-on display should offer. Basically, it looks exactly like the lock screen, including colorful background pictures and a lot of distractions via widgets – just covered with a gray veil.

Many an iPhone 14 Pro (Max) owner would certainly want a bit less distraction and be satisfied with the time and date already. A simple black-and-white mode is also actually possible, although Apple itself does not indicate this (source: 9to5Mac).

To activate the much simpler black-and-white mode in the always-on display, you have to switch to the focus settings. There, “Dim lock screen” is then selected. When the smartphone then switches to always-on display mode, it is only visible in black and white. The custom wallpaper or photo for the lock screen is also completely dimmed.

iPhone 14 Pro: Black and white mode only with focus

The problem with the black-and-white always-on display is that the focus mode has to be activated in iOS. But another disadvantage arises, because the lock screen remains darkened even when the iPhone is awake. We can only hope that Apple will improve this and offer users more options for the always-on display in the future.

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