iPhone 14: Curious roller coaster problem causes a stir

Well thought out, but badly done? A function of the new iPhone 14 (Pro) is currently causing strange incidents. These are amusing at first glance but can give many people a good scare. You should not take your smartphone on a roller coaster.

Full focus on the pro: This year, Apple has more than favored the pro versions of the new iPhone 14 series. The standard models look like a meager S upgrade from earlier years next to them. One feature that all iPhones of the 14-generation share, however, is accident detection. However, this of all things causes problems.

iPhone 14 (Pro): Accident detection causes false alarms

Several cases have come to light in the United States where the accident detection function was triggered and informed the emergency services even though there was no accident (source: Wall Street Journal). Often, the owners of the respective iPhones were on a roller coaster at the amusement park at the time. Apparently, the iPhone 14 (Pro) misinterpreted the abrupt fall of the roller coaster as an accident.

However, such false alarms are not only said to have occurred on roller coasters but also with other iPhone falls – for example, with a motorcyclist whose iPhone 14 Pro Max flew off the steering wheel mount. The Apple phone then informed the emergency services and the owner’s girlfriend, who was stored as an emergency contact: “I was freaking out with worry, I was expecting the worst,” the frightened girlfriend told the Wall Street Journal.

So in addition to emergency services having to deal with false accident reports, false alarms can also give families and friends a real scare.

Apple remains vague

Currently, the faulty accident reports of the iPhone 14 (Pro) still seem to be absolute isolated cases – but they should tend to increase the more often the new iPhone generation is sold. It is not known if and when Apple will be able to fix the problem with an update. The US company remained vague when asked and only stated that they will improve the function over time.

Until then, owners of the iPhone 14 (Pro) can only deactivate the function for the duration of the amusement park visit. This can be done under ⚙️ Settings → Emergency SOS → Deactivate option Call after a serious accident. Alternatively, you can simply switch the smartphone to flight mode while driving.


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