Google Chrome Review: Fast and Secure Browsing

Since Google Chrome was released in 2008, it has brought a whole new realm of competition to the browser wars. From the get-go, Chrome has been fast. Really fast. And there s no doubt the minimal display and uncluttered design on the single-bar interface has led many to this simple-to-use browser. According to, approximately 10 percent of internet users in the United States use the Chrome browser, an increase of 210 percent in 2010. It s easy to see why so many are flocking to this incredible browser.


Downloading Chrome takes only a few minutes and it works on all different operating systems, including Mac and Linux. It is powered by an open source engine and uses a powerful JavaScript engine to run web applications. In other words, page loading is unbelievably fast, and it gets faster with every new release. Chrome is designed to run complex web applications extremely quickly. No matter the size of the application, Chrome masters the evolving, interactive and application-based web.


Unlike other browsers, Chrome does not support toolbars across the top of the interface for Yahoo or MSN. Instead, the single bar that goes across the top of the page can be used for searching or for entering an exact URL. After typing in a search keyword, a drop down menu of the top results will appear. For example, when searching for information about Mark Twain, the first drop-down URL that appeared in the box was a Wikipedia entry on Twain. With Chrome there is no need to remember URLs or even go to Google s home page to be instantly connected to best information online.


Chrome has integrated malware and phishing protections that are constantly updated to protect against all of the latest security threats. When a site is questionable, Chrome will display a warning page that offers details about the detected threat. Chrome displays an icon on the top of the page that gives details about each website you visit. The three options are as follows:

  • The identity of the website has been verified
  • The identity of the website has not been verified
  • There are problems with this site s certificate

Chrome also lets you know if the site connection is secure and whether or not you re sharing information with the site.

Another fantastic tool offered by Chrome is the different computational processes of each browsing tab. Chrome treats each browsing tab as its own system. If one tab crashes or freezes, it won t crash the entire browser. And in the case of unexpected shutdowns, each tab is saved for future use.

Chrome Web Store

Chrome has thousands of apps, extensions and themes available, in addition to the basic operations of the browser. You can browse these apps and themes in the Chrome Web Store. Some these apps are interactive and some focus on single tasks, such as photo-editing or blogging. Applications and extensions are being added daily. Many of these apps are free, and others have small costs.

The Chrome browser is lightning fast. It s secure and has thousands of applications and extensions. It is exceptionally easy to use and effortless to download. Chrome is everything you could hope for in an internet browser.

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