Galaxy Tab S9: Samsung has to rethink premium tablets

Samsung actually introduces new premium tablets every year, most recently the Galaxy Tab S8 series. Next year could be different because Samsung has a problem with its tablets and is now trying to reposition itself with them.

Samsung postpones development of the Galaxy Tab S9

Actually, Samsung would introduce new high-end tablets with the Galaxy Tab S9, Tab S9 Plus, and Tab S9 Ultra at the beginning of next year. However, that is not supposed to happen (source: The Elec). The current situation in the world and the falling interest in such hardware are said to have prompted Samsung to postpone the development for now. The development of the new tablets is not supposed to start until next year. Thus, they will be released much later. Thus, the Galaxy Tab S8, Tab S8 Plus, and Tab S8 Ultra will remain on the market longer than top tablets.

According to market researchers and analysts, the tablet market will drop noticeably this year for all companies. Tablets are generally rather luxury products that you buy when you need something extra. Unlike smartphones, however, they are not essential. And interest in cell phones is also currently shrinking, as people don’t want to spend their money because of inflation and are using their existing hardware longer. Tablets have always been used longer than smartphones and this is even intensified by the current situation.

Samsung’s profit is expected to drop sharply

Samsung is looking back on a tough third quarter. According to the latest information, the company’s profit is expected to drop by over 30 percent (source: SamMobile), although sales are expected to increase slightly. Especially the falling prices for memory chips and the restrained investments are said to hit Samsung significantly. Foldable phones are expected to sell better than their predecessors, but the target of 15 million units sold will probably not be reached. Samsung Display, on the other hand, is earning well from the deal with Apple and the OLED panels in the iPhone 14 Pro smartphones. The final figures are expected soon.

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