Galaxy S23: This is how much the design of Samsung’s next phone changes

Samsung will only change a few aspects of the Galaxy S23 compared to the Galaxy S22. One of them will be the design, which moves in the direction of the Galaxy S22 Ultra and thus visually brings the smartphone series closer together.

Samsung Galaxy S23 gets revised design

Samsung has hardly changed the design of the Galaxy S22 compared to the Galaxy S21. For the Galaxy S23, it was probably time to take a different path. This is more in the direction of the Galaxy S22 Ultra (review), where the individual cameras are no longer combined in one elevation on the back, but stand out individually from the casing. According to a design leak, the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus will have exactly this design:

While the front of the Galaxy S23 with the flat display and the single punch-hole camera will not change, it looks different on the back. The individual cameras with the wide-angle, super-wide-angle and telephoto lenses now stand out separately. The flash is embedded in the back. This makes the smartphone look much thinner compared to its predecessors because the raised corner for the cameras is missing. The flat back is thus much more accentuated.

Samsung Galaxy S23 expected with the bigger battery

Besides the small change to the design of the Galaxy S23’s back, Samsung will probably also install somewhat larger batteries in the new top phones, after they were noticeably reduced in size in the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus compared to the predecessors. It is not quite the same as before, but the higher capacity could be enough to get through the day safely, especially with the Galaxy S23. The charging speed, on the other hand, is not supposed to improve. Thus, the charging time will probably increase a bit due to the larger battery.

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