Best Travel Bags for Women

best Travel Bags for Women
best Travel Bags for Women

In our best travel bags overall guide and reviews, we featured all top bags from every possible category. Among these categories were the best travel bags for women. As a continuation to that previous piece, this article explores the topic of women’s travels bags further.

We went back to the market and concentrated on this specific scope to ensure female travelers get a great variety of bags to shop. But before we jump straight to our list of the bags reviewed, we would love to share with you the features that made us settle on this list of travel bags.

Features to Consider

First, you need to understand that walking into any store blindly to purchase your travel bag isn’t the best idea. Before jumping into a decision, you need to do market research about the product. In this case, you need to understand what makes one travel bag superior to the other.

Specifically speaking, the women’s bag market is crowded. There are a lot of brands and designs to pick from. This always makes landing the perfect purchase a little bit harder. But that is why we made this women’s travel bag buying guide. Below are some of the factors to focus on in order to find the best bag from the market today.

Design and Beauty

For a lady’s travel bag, design and beauty is a serious factor. Women value their appearance and so is the appearances of what they have around them. In consideration of this, our market research team focused more on sleek bags with cool designs. This however did not compromise our prioritization of top performance. In other words, traveling with the best bag should mean traveling with class.

Padding and Comfort

Besides cool design, usability and comfort were our next factors to consider. When choosing your travel bag, you need to go for a comfortable travel bag. Be it a backpack, tote, shoulder bag, handbag, or suitcase. In most cases, proper padding in handles and straps makes handling your bag friendlier. Again, inner paddings bring cushioning effect that helps protect your belongings.

Compartments and Capacity

Another issue addresses the dimensions of your bag and how organized its compartments are. Remember, you want your travel bag to cut you some slack when packing. If it comes with well-defined compartments, you will find it easy to figure out what to put where, as you pack for your trip. And that is what makes a travel bag better than its peers.

Compact and Lightweight

Now, this next factor is simply common sense. Most women are not that masculine. This makes it difficult for most lady travelers to handle heavy loads and luggage. Therefore, it would be wrong to sell them heavy-duty bags that are weighty even without anything in them. In general, lightweight travel bags are the best. And a compact design makes them even better. Also, ensure that your travel bag has the required dimensions according to TSA regulations.


Last but not least, for every purchase, you need to consider your pocketability. The best bag for travel doesn’t have to cost you your whole bank account. When selecting the most appropriate bag for your trips, consider purchasing the one that meets your budget. Luckily, in our list of the best travel bags for women below, there are several affordable products. Most of which offer great performances and look great.

Best Travel Bags for Women

Let’s jump straight to our top picks of the best women’s travel bags this year. Having considered all the above important bag features, and a lot more, these are our top choices. Remember, what makes a travel bag the best in the market is way more than just its looks and price. But at least we already discussed all that. For that reason, you understand how selective we had to be to only have 6 bags on this review list.

So, read each bag review carefully and take your time to pick the bag that fits your travel requirements.

Chester Carry On – Luggage Size 22

This hard-shell spinner suitcase fits a lady’s holiday trip or just a weekend outing perfectly. Its type of plastic makes it sturdy and tough for any kind of travel. This travel bag is top of our list because of its flexibility. Its waterproof design makes it easy to clean and maintain. The same feature also makes traveling to areas with terrible weather worry-free.

This Chester Carry-On Travel Bag comes in a perfect size. The dimensions of its exterior are TSA-approved. Meaning, it passes the luggage requirements of almost all airlines. Besides, this luggage bag fits all your necessities perfectly without having to get bulky.

And speaking of your travel necessities, the bag has well-organized compartments that make your packing pretty easy. I mean, having this bag for your trips will simply spice up your adventures. Besides, handling it is awesomely effortless. It is created with 4 multi-directional wheels, which move easily and silently. There is literally nothing else you would want from a travel bag that lacks in this Chester luggage.

Features at a Glance

  • The bag is built strong and durable for lasting service provision.
  • Its hard-shell plastic exterior is waterproof and simple to clean.
  • The multidirectional wheels make handling the bad much easier when moving around.
  • This Chester bag has the best-organized compartments for stress-free packing.
  • This bag’s dimensions pass all the luggage requirements for both TSA and IATA.

eBags TLS Mother Lode  Carry-On Backpack

Your weekend luggage is comfortably taken care of. The Mother Lode Weekender is a great carry-on backpack for all your travel needs. With this bag, none of your favorite swimming tunics is left out since the zipper has some allowance of about twenty percent extension.

The adjustability of the bag ranges from being a backpack to a suitcase. Whenever in a busy city, the security of your bag is guaranteed. It has lockable rings along the circumference of the weekender, which you can just tighten on your waist and move on. Like the Chester, it also has compartments for maximum organizations.

Other features that accompany the weekender are the water – bottle pockets ID pockets that are zipped up for maximum security of your docs. The bag features standard interior and exterior dimensions. Not too small neither too large, that’s why it’s easier to carry it with you. The adjustable sternum and the padded air mesh panel, make your pet inside comfortably breathe and remain confident of its security.

The 2009 award for the best designer bag of the field went to the weekender, always stand by the winner. To date, the luggage bag has just experienced tremendous improvements, and it remains the last backpack that you may ever require. The strong twice poly fabric takes care of accidents that may occur and just leave your bag in good shape ready.

Features at a Glance

  • An ID and documents pocket is available on the exterior privacy mesh.
  • The bag has a zip expansion of about 1.5 inches for additional storage space.
  • The straps are adjustable to keep your luggage more secure during travel.
  • Featured a padded and breathable back making it comfortable to carry.
  • Has a front organizational panel that has internal pockets and a long leash.

Osprey Packs Fairview 40 Travel Backpack

The Osprey Company does it again with the “Fairview 40 Travel backpack.” If you are a global traveler, then this backpack will meet your needs. With various sizes of the backpack available, you can select one of your choices that cater to your requirements ranging from small, medium to large.

A unique feature of the Osprey product is the compression straps inside the compartments of the bag. This is meant to keep your gear intact at all times. To manage your load capacity using this backpack, it has shoulder straps, sternum straps, and a hip belt.

With an infinite number of items that you might have for your travel needs, the Travel backpack has got your back. It has a number of both in and side pockets to keep your water – bottle and other small items. For easy lifting, the bag has two side grab handles. At the front side of the bag is a compression strap for additional storage space and subsequently to keep your gear intact and secure.

Afraid of carrying fragile items? No more worries with this bag. The backpack allows you to carry your laptop, tablet and cameras have been provided with a sleeve at the front zip to give you secure upkeep of your electronics.

Features at a Glance

  • It has a spacious main compartment to keep your items organized.
  • The backpack features double handles on both sides for easier lifting.
  • The compression straps on the Osprey product for the addition of storage space.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps to manage your gear effectively while traveling.
  • Front zip pockets have a padded sleeve to keep your laptop and tablet.

Kelty Women’s Red Wing 40 Backpack

With little getaways for women, the Kelty backpack is just an amazing product for you. Whether in a short or long holiday, it’s designed to cater to all that. The product is organized in that the front pockets give space for every item. The U-zipper design offers the product a unique quality of why you should have it. It allows faster and easier access to all the gear.

Are you traveling in a jacket or a hoody? The backpack has some stash pockets on the front that makes it easier for you to either attach your hoody or tuck it in. The product has an extension sleeve that cares for your tablet or laptop, so your devices are safe when you are traveling.

The product’s top lid can be converted to a sling pack. As a woman, you can cover your hair with it, whenever it rains. The suspension features of the backpack give you a choice of how to handle your luggage upon carrying it. The backpack also features side pockets for the security of your items. This automatically makes it one of the best travel bags for women in the current market.

This women’s Red Wing backpack has customized shoulder straps and hip belts that are elastic to suit a woman’s body. No matter your world destination, this backpack has your luggage needs taken care of. It features an aluminum frame material and a poly fabric so no worries about the durability of the backpack.

Features at a Glance

  • The sides of the backpack hold trekking poles to keep every secure and in good shape.
  • It has an airflow panel to keep your staff comfortable and maximum stability.
  • Made with a lightweight and strong aluminum frame which makes it durable.
  • Designed with quality shoulder straps and waist belts to make carrying comfortable.
  • The backpack has a ventilating back panel to enhance your comfort when carrying.

DELSEY Paris Helium Aero Hardside Luggage

Do you have an upcoming trip and you are wondering about the best luggage bag to buy? Well, with the many models on the market, you can be confused. This is why we are here to help you. Get the DELSEY Paris Helium and enjoy ample space to pack your clothes and other essentials.

This is a lightweight luggage bag that is designed with a lightweight and highly durable polycarbonate material. This means that it is resistant to cracking or breaking. Additionally, it features a nice metallic finish that makes it attractive. When it comes to maneuverability, you will be impressed.

The luggage bag is designed with double spinner wheels which offer excellent maneuverability. This means that there will be very little or no weight in your arms. It features the largest capacity, and it can expand up to 2 inches to accommodate more items. When it comes to carrying comfort, this bag has a handle design that locks in two positions, making it easy to use.

Features at a Glance

  • Designed with high-quality polycarbonate material, making it durable.
  • The luggage bag gives you room to pack enough clothes for your holiday.
  • Features double spinner wheels to offer easy maneuverability.
  • Designed with a comfortable handle that can lock in two positions for ease of use.
  • Has two large and lined compartments with mane pockets for easy organization.

Osprey Packs Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack

Another amazing, eye-catching from Osprey. This time women have a traveling solution to their luggage. I know what you are thinking, this is a guy’s backpack. And there is where you are wrong. You will be amazed how this bag fits a lady’s travel requirements.

The product is simple and effective in terms of short weekend dates and holidays. It has a light wire that distributes the weight of the luggage from the harness to the hip belt. The mesh back panel provides enough ventilation hence keeping you comfortable.

External suspensions on the rear create more storage space for you. A large internal storage space with straps to secure your goods inside the Fairview backpack.  The stability of your gear is guaranteed with the availability of double external compression straps.

Osprey guarantees the user of their product a free-of-charge repair in case damage may occur. As a woman, during your summer holiday, you don’t have to carry a whole hell of a suitcase, this backpack is the right solution for all your outdoor requirements.

Features at a Glance

  • The slash side pockets are zippered to keep your stuff organized inside.
  • The double external compression straps ensure the gear is fully stable throughout.
  • Its large internal storage space and internal compression straps hold your items.
  • Has a zippered front panel slash pocket where you can organize more items.
  • Designed with lockable sliders on the main compartment to hold contents securely.


As of now, you won’t have any problem picking the best travel bag from the market. And you are able to understand how competition and market flooding can make deciding difficult. Either way, anyone looking for the best travel bag for women only needs one thing, this buying guide.

The thing is, despite the challenges, our team of researchers went overboard and tested quite a number of different types of travel bags for women. And from each relevant category, we picked only the best. The search was made simpler by also concentrating on excellent brands that have always stood out during customer satisfaction tests.

In conclusion, we left out a lot more other great bags in the current market. The reason being limited space on our list. We only needed to review the best of the bests. Therefore, feel free to go over our picks again and again until you find what matches your requirements. But in case you are looking for more travel bags that aren’t just meant for women only, you can check our overall guide and reviews of travel bags. Good luck.

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