Best GoPro Gimbal and Stabilizers

Best GoPro Gimbal and Stabilizers
Best GoPro Gimbal and Stabilizers

If you are a great camera enthusiast and frequently shoot photos or videos, you are also no stranger to shaky and blurry shots. This is a common problem that greatly seems to affect the final quality. The stability gets affected even more as the cameras turn lightweight and jittery. The Problem is very much evident in GoPro cameras that are mainly used for recording purposes. However, the good thing is that you can actually have better control over the stability by using a GoPro Gimbal and stabilizer GoPro. To make sure that you get hold of the best product, take into consideration the following factors before making any purchase.

Top 10 Bestseller GoPro Gimbal

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Top 10 Best GoPro Gimbal and Stabilizer Reviews

Zhiyun Smooth Q Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone and Gopro

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The GoPro stabilizer has a maximum payload of 220g including the add-on lenses that offer focal lengths for different specifications. It has a total weight of 450g and is made out of material with a high molecular compound. This makes it very light, in fact, 50g lighter than the DJI OSMO Mobile. The stabilizer comes with many different kinds of fill light as well as various photography accessories. At the bottom, the GoPro gimbal has a ¼ screw and through this, it can be mounted on a tripod.

Among the other attractive and functional features of the stabilizer include a power outlet so that the phone can be charged while it is still doing the shooting. There is a USB slot at the bottom, which is capable of supporting a power output of 5V/20000mA. Whenever you plug in the device, a soft light glows to indicate that the charging is in the process.

This GoPro stabilizer can be used in all types of weather conditions. Wind, rain, storm, everything is acceptable. The rotations are not affected by the searing hot temperature of as high as 45 degrees Celsius or freezing temperature of minus 5 degrees. You do not even have to counterweight it during the course of use. The gimbal GoPro uses all advanced electronic technologies that make balancing an effortless task. You can simply have the knobs adjusted to the rolling axis and the balancing is done.

The GoPro gimbal draws its power from a built-in 26650 Li-ion battery. Upon full charge, this battery is capable of providing continuous power for as long as 12 hours. This is an ultra-long work time as compared to other batteries. You can also have it recharged by connecting it to a power bank or a mobile power supply.

The gimbal GoPro has buttons that can be used to make recordings, zoom in, zoom out and make transitions into camera/selfie mode. The system is updated with APP ZY PLAY APP which provides support for auto tracking, filter options, and time-lapse. It also has an EACHSHOT plate that allows the user to mount the GoPro camera to the gimbal GoPro. Hence, the product is not only compatible with smartphones, but with GoPro cameras as well. At the time of purchase, the accessories that come along with the stabilizer GoPro include the gimbal, USB charging cable, EACHSHOT plate, cleaning cloth, a bag, and an instruction manual in English.

  • The stabilizer GoPro can be used with smartphones as well as with cameras
  • Uses highly durable and lightweight compound material, thus reducing the total weight by almost 50g.
  • Has smooth buttons for making all the different controls such as recording, camera/selfie mode, filter, time-lapse, and so on.
  • You cannot load new firmware into it
  • The online support is not good

The Zhiyun Smooth Q is a GoPro stabilizer for phones. It has been designed in such a way that the user can make easy and accurate mounts and have it quickly adjusted to different operation modes so that you can focus on the shooting more than on the controls. This is one product that brings together creativity and functionality. Made using the 5th generation Honeycomb core technology, it has a performance and a response rate that is 40% and 30% higher respectively as compared to a regular gimbal GoPro.

EVO Gimbals EVO SS 3 Axis Wearable Gimal

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This GoPro gimbal offers great versatility with its 3.5 mm AV output port which allows for it to be connected to an external monitor and also has a standard ¼ – 20” female thread towards the bottom of the gimbal. This comes useful when you are using the gimbal GoPro together with a telescoping extension pole. You can also adjust the tilt angle manually without the help of a wireless remote. To do this, you are simply required to hold the camera in the preferable position. The controller will automatically identify and record this and hold the particular angle for you.

This GoPro gimbal also has an attractive new feature known as the turn back mode, which is activated by clicking the mode button three times. This turn-back mode rotates the camera backward by 180 degrees, allowing you to capture the footage that lies behind you. This feature can come extremely useful when you are constantly moving while filming the shots. You can have the gimbal GoPro attached on top of your helmet and record what is known as the chase style shot, where the camera captures the footage behind you without you having to turn around manually.

Then there is the 3 axis precision that helps in eliminating shaky videos, thus allowing you to shoot with the action camera in fine quality, just like cinematic footage. The EVO SS is also very easy to set up. Just plug in the camera and you can start shooting right away. It does not need any extra accessories from the ones that come included within the box. Hence, you can start using it as soon as it arrives at your place.

The stabilizer GoPro is quite durable and can be used in all types of weather conditions without having to fear damage or corrosion. There are built-in charging capabilities that increase the battery’s work time by two times. However, this feature is only applicable for Hero 3 and Hero 4 models. The mounting tray used in the gimbal GoPro is capable of supporting the addition of a GoPro LCD backpack and battery backpack. You can exploit this feature to your advantage anytime if the need arises.

The GoPro gimbal can be set to multiple shooting modes such as the pan follow mode, pan lock mode, pan/switch follow mode, turn back mode and inverted mode, which is a lot more than any one of its competitors can offer. The stabilizer GoPro is quite durable and comes with a 1-year warranty that covers any defective part and faulty manufacturing. It comes complete with a USB charging cable, a charger, and 4 18350 lithium-ion batteries that offer an extended runtime of almost 4 to 5 hours.

  • You can control many of the functions of pitch and angle right from your phone by having the two connected through an application
  • The GoPro gimbal can be worn as well as harnessed to any moving object
  • Allows you to take jitter-free shots even while walking
  • Excellent battery work time
  • Excessive vibration can make the stabilizer GoPro to go shaky
  • The audio recording is not up to the mark

This is a 3-axis wearable GoPro gimbal designed to be used by a wide range of action cameras such as GoPro Hero 3, Hero 4, Hero 5 Black, Session, and Garmin Virb Ultra 30. This offers great stability and allows you to shoot your videos effortlessly. The SS enabling operation has now been enhanced with a wireless Bluetooth connectivity and this can be done both through the smartphone or the EVO wireless controller.


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This stabilizer is quite versatile in the sense that it can be used as a handheld, mountable as well as a wearable gimbal. You can wear it on yourself and even on other moving bodies, such as cars, motorcycles, pets, and sons. In fact, it is the world’s first handheld gimbal that also doubles up as mountable. For this, you are required to first remove the handle from the body, which can be done easily, and then have it attached to any compatible mounting system. If you want to mount it on your head, you can wear a helmet and then have the gimbal-mounted on it.

The REMOVU S1 comes with a wireless joystick remote control which can be attached or detached from the gimbal. This makes it possible to take control of the gimbal from afar without having to put in any manual effort. This is a 5-way jog key wireless remote and through it, you can make adjustments like turning the device on and off, changing the angle of the camera, and selecting from different modes during the shooting. There are more than enough reasons why this could possibly be the best gimbal available in the market.

The props that come together with the box include the gimbal, the remote control, and the handle, handle cap, a cradle for battery charging, battery, frame housing for HERO4/HERO3/3+ and another one for HERO6/HERO5 BLACK, an amount for SESSION and HERO 5 session, USB Cable, wrist strap and a rainproof carrying cradle. You get one piece of each of these items. Together, they complete the set. Therefore, you will not be required to buy anything extra. You can start using the gimbal right out of the box. However, if you wish to use it with HERO4/HERO3/3+, you can buy a separate rainproof housing for them.

  • No bouncing and swaying
  • Very easy and convenient mounting
  • Buttery smooth recording with high-quality audio
  • Can be controlled through a wireless remote with a wide range
  • Sturdy construct
  • Steady performance
  • The rotation of the YAW axis is a bit slow
  • There may be some errors in the calibration

It is a 3-axis gimbal and can be used in three different shooting modes – PAN, LOCK, AND FOLLOW – as per the requirement. The gimbal is manufactured using all world-class technologies and features rotary sensors and brushless DC motors. Due to this construct, the gimbal allows you to take an extremely professional shot and maintain a high stability irrespective of the conditions you are shooting you are in. You can use it while walking or even running and still be able to capture very smooth footage.

WINGSLAND ViPRO handheld Gimbal

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This handheld gimbal has been exclusively designed to be used with the GoPro cameras and the newest version of smartphones. It is a very versatile piece of equipment and allows you to capture the best possible images and videos under all shooting conditions. Unlike most other gimbals, this one does not come as a quadcopter. Instead, it is a standalone gimbal and functions almost like a selfie stick, only it uses far adamancies technologies.

This gimbal is made with a 3-axis precision and can be used with Hero3, Hero3 +, and Hero 4 cameras. Due to 3-axis precision, it is highly efficient in removing bumps and blurs while shooting. The result is that you get professional quality shots in your footage without having to put in any extra effort. The gimbal comes with an extension selfie stick that can come in handy while taking selfie-style shots. However, the better part of this feature is that you get to create a wider frame so that little disturbances are visible when you shoot while on the move. The selfie stick is made to be highly durable and does not give away too easily.

The stabilizer features high torque and high power motors, due to which it is able to give a very stable and steady performance, even under bumpy conditions. It also offers an extremely efficient camera feathering due to which it is able to provide smooth shots throughout the filming. The gimbal can be adjusted into four different modes – the pitching lock, following 1, following 2, and trick photography.

Although the stabilizer can be used with a wide choice of cameras, many users prefer to pair it up with the GoPro’s action cameras. It also has a mobile holder that offers a strong and secure hold on the phone while you use it to take come snaps or capture recordings. Thus, the gimbal can be used with phones and cameras alike. The best part about this stabilizer, however, is that it comes together with a wireless remote that has very easy controls. Hence, you can actually make all the adjustments without having to go anywhere near the camera.

The Wingsland ViPRO has a charging cable inbuilt into it. Li-ion helps in increasing the battery life. You can also install an additional GoPro LCD bacpac together with a battery bacpac upon the mounting tray to have highly extended battery life. The accessories included in the box together with the gimbal are a USB charging cable, a charger, and 2 48350 li-ion batteries. The setup is very easy and you can start using the gimbal without having to purchase anything extra. The product comes with a 1-year part and labor warranty.

  • Lightweight
  • Strong and durable
  • Composite heat resistant material
  • Effortlessly smooth, even on poor road conditions
  • Automatically eliminates camera shakes and unnecessary movements
  • Reliable manufacturing
  • It is not easy to get the accessories online
  • Does not work with HERO5 although it claims to. The camera does not fit into the brackets.

This GoPro stabilizer is compatible with a wide range of cameras such as HERO6, HERO5, HERO5 BLACK, HERO5 Session, HERO SESSION as well as HERO4, HERO3+ AND HERO3. However, the latter three can only be operated in DRY mode along with a frame housing. REMOVU S1 is the world’s first rainproof gimbal designed for shooting with GoPro cameras. Both the motors and the body of the gimbal are designed to be waterproof. However, the HERO3, HERO3+, and HERO4 require rainproof housing, which is available for purchase separately.

Polaroid Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

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It can be used as a handheld as well as a mountable gimbal. The box includes a mounting ring and screw. Therefore, the installation is very easy and quick. It also leaves the gimbal and the camera very secure where you decide to mount it.

The gimbal is equipped with 3 different electronic motors, one at each axis, to track your movements in real-time. In the meantime, it automatically creates panning and tilting movement, thereby removing all the vibrations, blurs, bumps, and unwanted movements during shooting. Whether you have shaky hands or rushing forth at full speed, this gimbal can efficiently counterbalance all the camera movements and hand motions to offer efficient image stabilization. This makes it possible to shoot professional-quality videos without any vibration and shaky movements. The gimbal is also very small and highly portable. Therefore, it is perfect to be carried around for capturing documentaries, high octane concerts, sporting events, and gatherings.

It derives its power from three 3.7 volt batteries. These batteries are rechargeable and with normal use, they can easily last you an entire day and still have some left for the next. At the time of purchase, you get three batteries and a charger. However, you can also buy the replacement batteries separately. Other items included in the box are the mounting ring wraps, GoPro’s lens, and screw securely. The installation process is very quick and takes more than 30 seconds. Once you have everything secured to its place, you can start the shooting almost at once.

The gimbal also offers a monopod mounting. There are ¼ “ holes at the bottom, through which it can be connected to a tripod or a monopod using the rings and screws. Since the gimbals weigh 13.76 ounces, the stands will be able to take the weight very easily. This positioning is ideal if you are going to do an all-day shooting.

  • Solid and sturdy aluminum body
  • Very strong joints
  • The choice of aluminum makes it very lightweight
  • Offers superior balance
  • Compatible with the GoPro Hero cameras with or without the LCD backpack
  • Front to back movement gives a vertical wobbling
  • The camera starts to pan when there is no side to side movement

This is a new gimbal released by Polaroid and it is absolutely remarkable in capturing sharp and stable videos. No training or experience is required to operate it and even the amateur can record equally beautiful footage. It measures 9.25 by 3.94 by 3.5 inches and is very lightweight, with a total weight of just 11.43 ounces and 13.76 ounces together with the batteries. Therefore, it does not hurt the shoulders even when used for a long period of time.

Feiyu WG2 Updated 3 axis wearable waterproof gimbal

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It is balanced by moving the rolling arm till you come to the perfect balance status. This works great, especially with the HERO 4/5. The gimbal is certified under IP67 implying that it is waterproof and therefore can be used in all types of water conditions, be it rain or sun.

The gimbal comes with remote control with a simple one-button operation so that the settings can be controlled from afar. It can also be connected to any handheld device such as smartphones, androids, or tablets through an application. This allows you to make the adjustments directly from the device. Some of the attractive features of the gimbal are its 360-degree panning and pitching and time-lapse photography. It offers a 360-degree panning angle, 360-degree tilting angle, and 70 degrees rolling angle.

The maximum payload for the stabilizer is 130g. It runs on a 3.7 V, 1500 mAh built-in battery. These are rechargeable batteries that take 2 hours to get fully charged and upon the full charge, give a steady runtime of 2.5 hours. The gimbal has ¼ “ screw holes at the bottom, through which it can be connected to almost any go pro mounts available on the market.

The box comes with the gimbal, cable, case, mini tripod, adapter mount, Eachshot ¼” screw, Eachshot cleaning cloth, Eachshot extendable monopod, and a splashproof bag. The Eachshot cleaning cloth is extremely fine and very gentle on the gimbal. It leaves no streaks, scratches, or marks. It is also very safe to be used with the surface and the lens.

  • The gimbal comes with an oft protection pad
  • The splash-proof bag ensures that the props remain safe at all times
  • Produces smooth footage
  • Allows you to alternate between many different cameras
  • The battery life is not good enough. You should, therefore, be carrying a power bank always

This gimbal is designed to be used along with GoPro Hero5, GoPro Hero 4, SESSION, and other cameras of similar dimensions. In fact, the sliding arms allow for it to be adjusted with many different action cameras. The extra mount designed for SESSION can come in handy with a few other cameras as well. This mount can also be changed easily without the use of any extra tools.

DJI Phone Camera Gimbal

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You do not have to do so much as manually adjust the settings each and every time you take a shot. The gimbal automatically cancels out all the vibrations and unwanted camera movements, thus allowing you to make smooth recordings and achieve professional-quality video every time you go shooting. It literally converts your phone into an action camera so that you can keep on shooting as you move. The Active Track technology used in the gimbal automatically keeps the camera facing your way even as you move around.

Another interesting features of the gimbal are that it supports time-lapse videos. A one-second exposure is enough to create light trails and blurred images of all the moving objects. This makes it possible to film dramatic shots pretty effortlessly. It can also be connected with the DJI GO app so that it becomes easier to track the subject while shooting. You can also immediately upload the footage over the internet and air live videos.

  • It allows you to take time-lapse images
  • Rubber lining on the handle for a firm grip
  • Lightweight
  • Uses the active track technology
  • Allows you to share media directly through it
  • Allows you to air live videos
  • Excellent stabilization
  • Cheap build
  • The phone battery gets used up very quickly
  • Bigger phones may not fit perfectly
  • The slight time lag between input from the control and the output

This handheld gimbal is strictly meant to be used with phones. It comes in small and convenient size and weighs only 1.1 pounds, thus making it possible to use it for long stretches at a time. This phone camera gimbal allows you to capture memories and moments perfectly, in pristine shots and cinematic recordings.

EVO GP – PRO 3 axis Gopro gimbal

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This gimbal is quite versatile in the sense that it can be used with a wide range of action cameras such as Hero 5 Black, Garmin Virb Ultra, YI 4K/4K+, and Hero 3/3/+/4, and SJCAM4000 – 7000. It has a 3-axis precision, meaning that it has the ability to sense and correct unwanted movements along all the 3 axes. This is made possible through the installation of high torque motors into the gimbal. Hence, the stabilizer automatically removes all the blurs and vibrations made while shooting on the move. This makes it possible to come up with professional quality videos with extremely smooth footage no matter where you go shooting.

With EVO GP PRO 3, you can go filming shots even under the most demanding of conditions. The built-in charging cable extends the battery life so that it creates no obstruction if you happen to be shooting in a remote area away from a power source. It also has a 3.5 mm AV output jack through which you can have it connected to an external source. Hence, overall, the gimbal gives a good performance. It is built to last and comes with a 1-year defective part and labor warranty.

  • Good quality build
  • Good battery life
  • User friendly
  • Quiet operation
  • Great accessory to be carried on trips
  • Impressive stabilization
  • Sometimes, it doesn’t turn off
  • The mounts get loose over time

This is one of the easiest gimbals to set up and use. It comes together with a USB charge cable, a charger, two camera charging cables for Hero ¾, and two 18650 li-ion batteries which allow for an extended work time by around 4 to 5 hours. You can take these props out of the box, have them installed, and start using them right away. No additional accessories are required. It also does not require you to have any previous experiences. Even amateurs can use it to capture perfectly smooth footage and pristine images.

MOZA MINI G3 axis handheld and wearable gimbal

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This is a highly portable gimbal with minimum weight. It can be held with the hand, worn upon the helmet, and also mounted on a bicycle or some other vehicle to capture an extremely sporting moment. Irrespective of how you decide to use it, the gimbal gives a highly steady performance and shoots footage with minimum movement. You get high-quality, professional-style shots without any shakes and blurs.

This gimbal can be used with almost all the GoPro cameras including hero 4/5/3+/3 and the YI/YI4K action camera. It can be especially yielding when used in filming sporting and similar other adventurous events. It offers an 8-hour long battery life, which allows you ample time to shoot as much as you want.

  • 360 rotations along with the pitch, pan, and roll axis
  • Noiseless operation
  • Easy thumbstick control
  • Quick to charge batteries
  • Metal enclosure
  • Not a single intuitive function
  • Turning handles do not align perfectly all the time

The credit for its excellent performance goes mainly to its great 3-axis control, meaning that the gimbal can sense movement in all directions and automatically make the necessary corrections so that the video remains free from vibrations, bumps, wobbles, and any other unwanted camera movements. It allows for multiple operation modes so as to support a flexible shooting experience. You can have it adjusted to 3 handheld modes, 3 follow operation modes, selfie mode, and auto center time lapse.

Zhiyun Rider M wearable camera stabilizer

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However, despite the small size, it offers quite a powerful performance and works very fast with no lag. The zero delay makes it possible to select the layouts and make screen adjustments in a jiffy. The Zhiyun can be connected to external devices such as smartphones and tablets. There are manual settings on the gimbal. However, it can also be controlled from afar through a remote. The easy controls make it possible to capture images and videos with great ease. Further, the axis control corrects all the unwanted camera movements, so that it becomes possible to take shoot high-quality videos without having to take up much trouble.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Smooth recording
  • Easy to hold
  • Can be operated through manual control as well as the remote control
  • Zero lag between input and output
  • Squeaks when put to power

The gimbal comes together with 4 pcs of batteries and is very flexible, offering compatibility with a large number of action cameras.  It has a rather exquisite appeal and is very lightweight, with a total weight of only 182g. This makes it possible to carry around the gimbal effortlessly.

If you have a DSLR camera you should buy  a Tripods for DSLR Camera

Buyers Guide

Angle of viewMotorized stabilizersMechanical stabilizerWeightPortabilityMounting mechanismBattery
  • The angle of view or the field of view also has a major role in determining the smoothness of a shot. Generally, with a wider angle of the view, the shakiness becomes less obvious. You may have seen this in footage where the camera is attached to a moving object.
  • Action cameras have an angle of view between 120 and 180 degrees. You can also use a cinema camera with 35-sized sensors or a DSLR with extra lenses for the same effect. However, remember that smaller lenses tend to create the fisheye effect.
  • To keep this from happening, you can use an 18 or a 35-mm lens with a full-frame. This gives you an angle of view between 50 to 90 degrees. However, if you are going to be standing still for a long period of time, it can get increasingly difficult to maintain smoothness unless you are using something like 50 mm.
  • Motorized stabilizers are those that use a built-in electric motor for maintaining the stability of the videos. It is also not very difficult to use a GoPro stabilizer.
  • Once you start, it takes very little time to perfect the use. It can even be used by amateurs effortlessly and are the best option for beginners.
  • You are just required to hold the camera and frame the shots. Everything else is taken care of by the stabilizer GoPro so that you can easily get a smooth level of shooting.
  • A mechanical Gopro stabilizer maintains the stability of a video solely using gravity. This sets the stabilizer quite apart from the rest since you will be able to efficiently track every subtle movement with great convenience.
  • This GoPro stabilizer also allows you to deviate from the preset angles if the need arises. However, you are required to undergo full training before you start using the stabilizer flawlessly.
  • These stabilizers also need much more care and maintenance as compared to the electrical ones.
  • The non-stick feature of most electric omelet maker machines also is a very good point for considering buying one for yourself because it makes cleaning up so much easier than from a traditional pan.
  • Cleaning up the pan after making an omelet in it is a very tedious task and takes a lot of time and elbow grease. It’s also hard to sometimes lift an omelet up from a really hot pan as sometimes the ingredients used inside of an omelet make it more prone to sticking to the surface of the pan.
  • The non-stick surface of an omelet maker prevents this, and the omelet can easily and precisely be lifted from the omelet made by using a spoon or fork.
  • If you shoot your recordings on the road and are frequently traveling, you should get hold of a portable stabilizer GoPro. Check out the best travel tripod.
  • The size, as well as the maneuverability, should be according to your need.
  • Shooting live recordings means that you have to stay alert all the time. You never know when an action is going to begin and stop.
  • Therefore, you should make it a point to look for a stabilizer GoPro that has a quick-release mechanism, allowing you to mount and remove the camera in a jiffy.
  • Battery life comes into consideration only if you are using an electric Gopro stabilizer. So, if you are using one, take full information about the type of battery that is being used
  • Whether it is chargeable or non-rechargeable and whether or not there is a battery level indicator. You should be very careful, especially if you are going to be shooting in remote locations.


Of all the products reviewed above, the best one is REMOVU S1. This particular handheld gimbal corrects unwanted movements along all the 3 axes. It is compatible with a very wide range of GoPro cameras and can also be used as a wearable and mountable gimbal. With this gimbal, there are no problems like bouncing and swaying and even the audio is of very high quality. It is convenient to operate and can come with remote control. It has a very sturdy construction and gives you a good lasting.

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