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As a well-known hit song says: “Above the clouds, freedom must be boundless”. And anyone who doesn’t suffer from a fear of flying can certainly confirm a certain feeling of freedom that comes over you when you look out of an airplane window. Less romantic, but all the more relevant for the wallet, is the question of how deep you have to dig into your pocket for freedom above the clouds. Flight apps including airfare comparison and flight search engines help you quickly find cheap flights to your desired destination.

We have obtained a detailed overview of flight apps. This way, you can unerringly navigate to the cheapest flights for your next destination.

Finding cheap flights via flight app: how do I go about it?

The search for cheap flights is a science in itself. In addition to supply and demand, extremely complex algorithms determine which flight prices are offered to us. Even less obvious factors such as the day of the week, the time of day, or the smartphone used for the flight search can influence the price displayed.

While the price factors included by the algorithms can only be influenced to a very limited extent, flight apps can provide very good support in finding the best and cheapest available flights for the desired destination thanks to various functionalities. The following features should therefore be used when searching for flights via the app:

  • If you are flexible, you should use the flexible search (usually +/- 3 days), as this often brings significantly cheaper flight offers to light.
  • Some flight apps already show when selecting the planned departure date on which (alternative) dates you can fly particularly cheaply.
  • If you are not fixed on one airport, flight search engines offer the possibility to search for the cheapest flight at several departure airports at the same time.
  • If possible, you should especially avoid school vacations or major holidays such as Easter or Christmas.
  • Due to rapid price changes, it is best to check the prices for a particular flight regularly over a period of several days or weeks and to use the price forecasts and statistics provided by the apps. Alternatively, you can also use special price alarms.
  • The greatest chances of success are promised by the parallel comparison of several flight comparison apps. Since some airlines have negotiated special conditions with a particular comparison portal, prices can vary greatly depending on the app.

The following section reveals which flight apps you should have on your smartphone to find the best cheap flights.

Best Cheap Flights Apps for you here

Jetgo – Easy way to go

Jetgo app
Jetgo app

If not – as the name suggests – the sky, the flight app “Jetgo” at least search the vastness of the web for the best flight deals. And it does this extremely reliably. In addition to the standard search for cheap flights to destinations all over the world, “Jetgo” offers many practical features that make the hunt for the best flight bargains easier.

In order to save time and still be the first to get wind of new cheap offers, you can be automatically informed about falling ticket prices via price notification. Of course, the flight search engine also offers many filter options with which you can tailor your flight search to your individual preferences.

The Discover function is particularly exciting. If you don’t have a specific destination in mind, you can use it to find inspiration. The highlight: cheap flights are guaranteed. If, for example, you are planning a weekend trip to any major European city in July, Jetgo will show you the cheapest flight offers for all destination airports, sorted by country. In addition to real flight bargains, it is not uncommon to gain inspiration for previously less considered destinations.

  • Reliably find the cheapest flights
  • Activate price alerts for desired destinations
  • Travel inspiration by discovering cheap flights across Europe or worldwide

Download Jetgo: Android | iOS

Momondo – Cheap Flights & Hotels

Momondo - Cheap Flights & Hotels App
Momondo – Cheap Flights & Hotels App

What do you think of the idea that the flight search engine independently takes on the task of finding the cheapest travel dates? Instead of laboriously typing in possible travel periods into the search field of the flights app time and time again, “Momondo” uses the so-called “price calendar” to show at a glance on which days the prices for a particular flight are particularly cheap. In some cases, up to several hundred euros can be saved by flexibly shifting the planned travel period by just a few days.

The app’s general flight search compares the offers of countless airlines, low-cost carriers, and tour operators. Depending on what is more important to you, the flights can be filtered according to the fastest connections, the cheapest offers or the best combination of both factors. Once you have found the perfect flight offer, you can book it directly from the “Momondo” app.

For all travel enthusiasts who are planning a longer trip to several countries or even a round-the-world trip, the multi-stop search is ideal. This allows you to find cheap open-jaw flights that are ideal for exploring entire continents, for example.

  • Flight bargain search by price calendar
  • Flight search for the cheapest, fastest, or best flights in combination
  • Easily find cheap open-jaw flights

Download Momondo: Android | iOS

SWOODOO – fly cheaper

SWOODOO - flight cheap app
SWOODOO – flight cheap app

The well-known flight app with the many “O “s in the name is ideal for searching for cheap flights due to the enormous amount of checked portals and travel websites. Particularly tempting are of course the so-called “Private Deals” with which “Swoodoo” advertises – exclusive bargain offers that can only be found via this portal.

Bargain hunters are pleased beside helpful filters such as a flexible flight search above all about features, like the price forecast inclusive reservation recommendation. This tells one – based on calculations of huge amounts of flight data – when one should strike at a certain flight offer immediately or still wait for a little with the reservation. This may save you the annoyance of finding out that the flight you booked two weeks later would have been a third cheaper.

If there is a certain budget limit for the planned trip, the “Swoodoo” app also offers the right function for this. Although this requires a certain degree of flexibility in terms of the destination, it is ideal for taking a nice trip even on a small budget. The user sets the maximum budget with the so-called “power search”. Within seconds, the app displays all available travel destinations within this price range.

  • Comprehensive flight comparison with exclusive bargain offers
  • Price prediction with booking recommendation
  • Flexible flight search with a set maximum budget

Download SWOODOO: Android | IOS

Hopper – booking flights

Hopper - booking flights app
Hopper – booking flights app

A white rabbit jumping from one (travel) destination to the next – this is the emblematic logo of the flights app “Hopper”, which is still less known in Germany. The app’s central promise: “Hopper” helps you save up to 40 percent on your next flight booking. It is not for nothing that the app was chosen by the internationally renowned “TIME Magazine” as one of the 10 best free apps for travel enthusiasts.

As known from other apps, the price forecast with the price calendar of the flight app provides valuable services to find the cheapest travel and booking time for the planned flight. In the context of this, “Hopper” also observes a certain route permanently if desired. If the flight prices suddenly drop, the app immediately informs you via push notification on your smartphone so that you can always secure the cheapest flights. This is particularly practical, as bargain deals are often only available for a very limited period of time.

Lengthy booking procedures are also a thing of the past thanks to the app’s uncomplicated and intuitive booking process. For example, “Hopper” aims to ensure that the flight booking takes no more than 60 seconds in total thanks to a so-called “QuickTap” booking process. According to the makers of the flight search app, a German version of the application, which is currently only available in English, is already being planned. So it will be interesting to see whether the flight comparison app can continue its triumphant success in Germany as well.

  • Find flights up to 40 percent cheaper
  • Book the cheapest flight tickets thanks to price prediction
  • Extremely fast flight booking in just 60 seconds

Download Hopper: Android | iOS

Kayak – Flights Hotels and more

Kayak - Flights Hotels app
Kayak – Flights Hotels app

Christmas shopping in New York, sunbathing on Crete, or an exotic dream vacation in the Maldives? If you are not already fixed on a particular destination but would like to be inspired in terms of travel, the “Explore” function of the flight app “Kayak” is ideal and also really fun. For example, you can view the cheapest airfares to all imaginable destinations near and far on a world map and, with a bit of luck, track down one or two exotic flight bargains. If you don’t want to exceed a certain budget, the flight search engine displays all eligible destinations worldwide. Flight searches have rarely been more exciting.

But the app’s standard flight comparison also has a lot to offer. In addition to many filter options, for example, according to the number of stopovers, a direct flight search or filtering by the airline, a flexible search, and a multi-stop option for open-jaw flights must not be missing in the “Kayak” app. The price forecast reveals the perfect time for booking the cheapest offer. The only thing more convenient is to be informed about falling flight prices directly on the cell phone display via the integrated price alert – so when one of the cheap “Private Deals” is available.

But even after booking the flight, “Kayak” remains a helpful travel companion until arrival at the vacation destination. The app provides users with all the relevant information about their individual flight, including flight status, departure gate, waiting time at security checkpoints, and much more. Once you arrive at the airport, you can use the flight app to navigate you directly to the right departure gate.

  • Inspiring and entertaining display of the cheapest flights all over the world (also by budget).
  • Targeted flight comparison including price prediction, private deals, and automatic price alerts
  • Practical additional information for booked flights plus airport navigation to the departure gate

Download KAYAK: Android | iOS

Never miss a cheap flight bargain again: Use flight apps with a fast data plan

With airfares sometimes far below the 50-euro mark, just about everyone has surely asked themselves the question: how can airlines make such cheap flights economically viable? One secret lies in the fact that airlines – in order to attract new customers – only offer a tightly limited contingent of bargain flights per flight. Those who miss them usually pay significantly more.

Apps like the flight search engines and airfare comparisons presented here are the ideal tools to be among the passengers who paid the least for their tickets. A fast mobile data connection with a sufficiently large data volume is recommended so that one can also strike in time with the corresponding deals. This is the only way to find out about the best-priced flights flexibly in terms of time and location via price alerts or by searching in the app. offers the right rates at fair conditions. Nothing stands in the way of the next flight bargain.

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