Best Tent Under $200 Reviews

best camping tents
best camping tents

Backpacking tents were invented to simplify camping without comprising fun and comfort. Our team, therefore, decided to research the best backpacking tent for under $200. Our main motive was to give you the best product for a given budget. In the end, we came up with a list of top camping tents for backpacking costing below 200 bucks.

Anyway, outdoor camping is one of the millennial ways of having fun that dates way back. What I’m saying is, from generation to generation, culture fades, languages get diluted, new lifestyles emerge, but camping remains to be fun. Actually, camping experiences keep getting better and better each day. With the invention of new camping gear, camping aids, and accessories every day, the adventure keeps getting better.

For backpackers, there is always good news, and a backpacking tent is one. It is a backpacker’s dream to travel light but self-contained. These tents are a dream come true. The fact that you can fold your whole home and carry it with you to wherever the world is insane.

Things to Consider

Before getting to our listing, check out the main features that determined our ranking. Tho Dia Media experts were persistent in prioritizing high performance.

Buying a camping tent for backpacking with a budget below 200 bucks might not be that simple. I don’t mean to scare you, unfortunately, it’s the truth. On the other hand, getting a great backpacking tent does not mean you have to break into a bank.

We had to check deep into what makes a camping tent great. Then further asked ourselves how we could get the same greatness without spending so much money. As if that is not enough, we went further and looked for something foldable into a backpack, something lightweight and portable to optimize the camping experience.

Our major focus when picking out our list of top backpacking tents for the dollar was on the following features and more:

Capacity and Interior Space

The first important factor you need to concentrate on when choosing a backpacking tent for a budget is the space it provides. Capacity refers to how many people can’t the tent accommodate. This always depends on how many people are you going camping with. Are you going alone or do you have company? What will you use for sleep, a mattress, or a sleeping bag?

In most cases, one person or two people tents are good for budgets below 200 bucks. Therefore, pick a tent for one or two depending on what you need. Going for group tents will mean extra cost and that is what you should try to avoid. Otherwise, a good backpacking tent should offer enough space for one or two campers without having to worry about extra dollars.

Choice of Tent Material

The material your backpacking tent is made of determines a lot of things – starting from cost, durability, weight to so much more. Most manufacturers go for materials that will give you an ideal marriage. I mean, if you can get all these great features from one design, what else would you look for?

Tents are usually built from coated nylons. Tents built from nylon coated with polyurethane are lightweight and protective from harsh weather. They are also very affordable. However, they wear out quickly. To make nylon tents better, they are built using silicone-coated nylon instead. This makes them more weatherproof and durable.

Weight of the Tent

The whole idea of backpacking is to make camping less tiresome by reducing the effort needed to set up a temporary home in the jungle. When packing for camping, you always need to go for necessities only. This is about lowering the amount and weight of things to carry. The common advice for both campers and hikers has always been to keep backpacking lightweight.

That brings me to the obvious question, s the backpacking tent lightweight or not? The good news is, that most backpacking tents under $200 come with fewer support features like stands and more. This automatically makes them less heavy. It is to the advantage of the camper or hiker to choose a less heavy camping tent.

Tent Setup Process

As I always say, there is nothing you can’t find in the current market. For instance, are you looking for an affordable backpacking tent that is easy to set up? Well, there are a lot of camping tents that will meet those requirements. Having an easy-to-set-up tent is an added advantage to your camping experience.

It might take a lot of effort and research to find the best backpacking tent for under $200. But by finding one with an easy setup requirement and is affordable, you might have just hit the jackpot. Nothing irritates like a camping tent that requires a whole day to put up.

Camping Needs and Camping Venue

There are individual issues that you have to consider when buying a camping tent. Mostly, a backpacking tent for the budget will be appropriate for camping beginners. Say, it’s your first time and you are not willing or able to spend so much on your camping debut.

Besides, how far are you going to backpack? You know, if you are not going so far away, then a little heavy-weight tent won’t be any bothered for instance. Also, your camping platform also determines the kind of backing tent you need. Will you be camping in your backyard or in your car?

Other Considerations

  • Tent breathability is crucial. Look for a tent built from a breathable material
  • Go for weatherproof backpacking tents – all-season tents are the best.
  • Free-Standing tents are easier and faster to setup
  • Multi-purpose tents are much easier to use.
  • The interior design of your camping tent is important

Best Backpacking Tent Under $200 Reviews

After leaving all stones turned, we agreed on coming up with a list of the top 10 backpacking tents for camping. Our main focus was on customer satisfaction without having to demand so much money. The products reviewed below are the top camping tents for backpacking in the current market.

Featherstone Outdoor UL Granite Backpacking 2 Person Tent

You don’t have to spend a fortune to find a quality backpacking tent for camping. If you need an affordable outdoor shelter that can accommodate two people, my all-time favorite is the Featherstone Outdoor Backpacking Tent.

Having this tent provides you with safe nights and unforgettable backpacking memories. This tent is suitable for camping, backpacking, hiking, fishing, and bike-packing.

Why do I recommend this outdoor tent to my fellow backpackers? This is a lightweight, durable and breathable 2-person backpacking tent that is designed to meet your needs. It is great for couples or two people who need a temporary outdoor house. The tent has 2 doors and 2 vestibules so you have ample storage for your camping essentials.

It features a tear-resistant fabric that is waterproof so you can stay dry while you are inside. The tent also has a seam-taped construction to prevent leakage. As compared to other tents I have used, this one has a bathtub floor design that elevates the bottom to keep you safe from the wet ground.

The last thing you need is a backpacking tent that is hard to set up. The Featherstone tent is designed with a one-piece aluminum pole that makes the setup bliss. On top of that, it has straps and buckles that offer a fast assembly.

Sometimes you can prefer to relocate your tent from one place to the other. Having this tent makes your work easier because it is lightweight and features a freestanding design for easy relocation. The good thing is that you don’t have to disassemble it to move it to a different location.

Features at a Glance

  • The tent is durable and highly breathable
  • Weather protected to prevent rain and leaks
  • Sleeping capacity to accommodate 2 people
  • Lightweight and freestanding design for easy relocation
  • The tent is easy to set up

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

The camping season is back again and you are probably wondering which backpacking camping tent to buy. Don’t worry, we got your back. The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Tent is just the thing for you.

For starters, it is a personal tent that just fits you. It is a one-person tent that is made with just your size in mind. It’s easy to get cozy when there is a wonderful tent surrounding.

Setting up the tent is easy because it has a simple dual-pole design that actually stands on its own. No need to make complicated connections to make that tent stand. It stays taut with the durable aluminum poles when setting up so you will not have to worry about being folded in as you have your beauty sleep. All you need to do is snap the pole clips over the poles and voila! Your tent is up.

This tent will make your investment worthwhile. It is extremely durable and will not need a replacement any time soon. It is made of premium polyester material that resists damage caused by ultraviolet rays. The joints are well sealed and the fly and floor seams are factory sealed. This, in essence, means that water, moisture, and dirt do not penetrate the tent.

Top in the list of best backpacking tents under $200

The ALPS mountaineering tent is rainproof in that it is equipped with a rain tarp. This ensures that the rainwater is not able to get into the tent. Additionally, the tent has a 2000mm floor that will prevent any groundwater from getting into the tent. You will always stay dry whatever the weather.

Fastening on the tent is enabled by extra-large zips. These size 8 zips are not only large but also durable. They are fixed on all the doors and vestibules.

It comes with a fly that fully covers the door and vestibule making the tent further weatherproof. The tent has an extra vestibule to provide extra storage when you are away on your backpacking trip. This vestibule is sufficient enough to store your extra camping gear.

Features at a Glance

  • Lightweight and portable because of the quality polyester material
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Dual vents and mesh walls for ventilation
  • Large vestibule for extra storage for your camping gear
  • Sealed seams and rainfly to keep out moisture and water

TETON Sports Mountain Ultra Tent

The best part about camping is enjoying the outdoors. In as much as it can be hard to get an outdoor shelter that provides you with a luxurious feel similar to your house, the TETON Sports Mountain Ultra Tent gives you the comfort you need in the woods.

Fitted with a full mesh top, you are able to lie down star gazing as you make wishes upon the shooting stars. Alternatively, you may want to get some sunlight as you rest during the day. We have your convenience in mind.

Talking of convenience, it is important to note that this tent is extremely easy to set up. Its simple setup mechanism allows you to set it up and disassemble it in a few minutes’ time. The tent design though simple is also stable.  It features a dual dome design with a cross pole at the top makes it very stable.

The tent is very spacious and can accommodate not only two, three but four people. It is perfect for you and your friends or family. This is the tent you can use to get that bonding time you have always wanted. It is also portable as it has a carry bag to pack it in and carry it along. Also, the tent offers extra storage space. It has pockets at the doors and two vestibules for you to store your stuff.

Best backpacking tent under $200 – lightweight

The Teton ultra-tent is as weatherproof as tents can get so you are not worried about the weather. Be it rain or shine, wind or snow, you are well protected. It features a waterproof material that covers the whole tent.

The floor is a highly waterproof bathtub floor. This means that whether it is raining or snowing outside, the moisture and water will not be able to pass through. So you can comfortably have your power nap as you wait for the weather to pass.

Worried about the durability? No more worries because it is designed to offer durable performance. First, the outer material is durable and is not affected by the weather extremities. Second, the waterproof bathtub floor adds to the durability of the tent.

Also, the tent has aluminum poles that are weather resistant and not susceptible to rust. Additionally, the tent has extra strong acetyl buckles and rain fly.

Features at a Glance

  • Spacious can fit up to four people comfortably
  • The durable tent is made of extra strong materials,
  • Extremely waterproof
  • Easy to set up because of its simple setup mechanism
  • Extra storage space with pockets and vestibules for your storage

Kelty Salida Camping and Backpacking Tent

When it comes to the “me and you against the world” time, then this two-capacity tent is perfect for you. It is perfect for you to cozy up with your friends. This Kelty Salida tent offers not only convenience but also comfort.

Convenience comes in many ways. To begin with, it is an extremely portable tent that can be carried around without a problem or worry. The tent features an easy-to-use D door. Also, it comes with a gear loft and carry-on bag so you need not pay extra for the items.

It is compact and you can fold it with ease. Not only can you fold the tent but also the poles for easy carrying. It comes with a roll-top cube bag to make the portability complete.

The tent is easy to use. It is a free-standing tent that just needs to be propped using the poles and it is set up. No hustle, no complications. Its poles are press-fit and are color-coded. So even if you don’t really know how to set it up, just follow the colors.

One of the best backpacking tents under $200 with mesh fabrics.

For fresh air to fully circulate, the tent also has a mesh fabric around most of its top area. And hold on, before you get a panic attack, the mesh is no-see. So you do not have to worry about the peeping toms who always want to worry about other peoples’ business.

Storage is not something that you need not worry about. The tent comes with storage pockets and a vestibule that gives you the allowance to store your camping gear and supplies.

Kelty Salida has ensured that when you buy this tent, you get value for your money. No need to replace it anytime soon. Why? Well, it is extremely durable. It is made from premium polyester material that is weatherproof.

The seams of the tent are fully taped and do not allow any foreign particles or moisture from lodging in the seams. The floor material is 1800mm 68D nylon. It comes with a rain fly that is covered over the tent to protect it from the rain.

Features at a Glance

  • Easy to set up and saves you a lot of time to pitch camp
  • Mesh ventilation covers a big percentage of the tent to let in fresh air
  • Weatherproof with rainfly, nylon floor, and sealed seams, no condensation
  • Durably made from premium quality materials that will not wear out quickly
  • Collapsible tent and DAC press-fit poles and storage bag for easy portability

Hyke & Byke Zion 1 and 2 Person Backpacking Tent

Do you fancy camping and hiking? Well, there are crucial camping essentials that you need to have to make your experience worthwhile. A camping tent is a must-have for any backpacker.

There are several camping tents available in the market but we highly recommend you try the Hyke & Byke Zion 1 and 2 Person Backpacking Tent. It is affordable and packed with amazing features.

This tent qualifies to be among our best-identified products for camping because the design and high-quality construction make it great for outdoor use. Not only will it give you good service during your camping but also last longer. The tent forms a very nice looking dome shape when set up and can accommodate 1-2 persons effectively.

The portability of this tent is one aspect that makes it outstanding. It is lightweight meaning you can easily carry it in your backpack with ease. Setting up the tent is also smooth because it has a lightweight material and aluminum alloy strokes to provide support. Though lightweight, the material is strong and resistant to quick wear and tear.

It has a footprint and a gear loft which are all easy to mount and detach. It has a waterproof material so you never have to worry about rainy conditions while you are camping. You will also get a neat well designed carrying bag for this tent which makes it easier to pack it in your backpack.

Features at a Glance

  • Offers you a free-standing and ultralight setup
  • The tent provides you with an easy setup
  • It is breathable to keep you comfortable all the time
  • Comes with gear loft and footprint in the package
  • Has a carry case and packs small for easy transportation

Hyke & Byke Yosemite 1 & 2 Person Backpacking Tents

Hyke & Byke are committed to providing you with quality camping and hiking gear. Hyke & Byke Yosemite 1 and 2 Person Backpacking Tent is made with a fine touch to ensure you rest in style when you are exploring the wonders of nature out there far from home.

Once you set up this tent, you will get that feeling of a comfortable home because the interior is cool and spacious. The tent has two doors that allow you to move in and out easily and provide you with maximum ventilation while you are resting inside your tent during the day.

It features a lightweight material construction making the tent very portable. On top of that, the material is resistant to quick wear and tear.

You are provided with 12 7000 series aluminum alloy strokes to help you set up your tent in an attractive dome shape with ease. In addition, you are provided with 2 poles that have clip pole attachments for lighter weight.  This facilitates the quick and effective setup of the tent.

The footprint and gear loft included in the tent package is easily detachable from the ground and you are not charged for them either. The make material is waterproof meaning you are free to camp in any weather conditions without fear. It offers maximum interior space to accommodate 1-2 persons and sufficient storage.

Carrying this tent to your ideal camping ground is easy. Not only does it pack small but it also comes with a convenient carrying sac to help you carry it when camping or backpacking

Features at a Glance

  • Designed with ultra-light aluminum poles
  • 2 poles featuring clip-pole attachment for easy setup
  • Packs small and comes with a carrying case for easy transportation
  • The tent is durable and lightweight
  • Spacious enough and waterproof design

Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Tent

Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Tent is a top choice that we would confidently recommend to outdoor lovers. The tent is well refined to give you service for up to three seasons.

What more can you ask for! From the design and material to the supportive materials that aid in setting up the tent, you have every reason to purchase this tent for your camping.

A good camping tent should not only provide you with a comfortable place to sleep but also keep your items. This tent has interior mesh pockets and a detachable ceiling loft where you can keep your items safely.

The tent features durable material that is also lightweight. It is made from polyester material making it strong enough to survive for three seasons. The lightweight design allows you to easily pack and carry the tent in your backpack without much struggle.

It has two doors making it easy to get in and out.  In addition, the tent has fly ventilation windows making it breathable. It creates a favorable environment for you during the day and night when it comes to air aeration.

The design allows a maximum capacity of two persons and this makes it a nice selection for couples. Another thing that you will love is the bathtub floor construction featuring taped seams to keep you safe from the cold and wet ground.

Features at a Glance

  • Bathtub floor design to protect you from the wet ground
  • The tent has 2 doors and 2 vestibule layout
  • Features tent fly ventilation for effective airflow
  • Three seasons freestanding tent that is easy to set up
  • Ample space to accommodate two people

Weanas Professional Backpacking Tent

Thinking of taking your family on a camping or hiking adventure? One of the most important things that you should have is a tent that is large enough to accommodate everyone.

The Weans Professional Backpacking Tent is designed for family camping because it has ample space to accommodate up to 4 people. Camping in the woods has its challenges especially the invasion of pests. You don’t want to end up with mosquito bites all over your body.

This is why this tent is designed with no-see-um mesh and quality fabric wall panels that ensure bugs and other biting pests do not come near you.

Another great aspect of this tent is that it can be used for different applications. For instance, if you close the outer layer, you can use the tent to store your backpack or shoes. You can also choose to roll the outer door curtain and fix it with a buckle for ease of use.

It comes with aluminum poles which are strong and hold up the seam-taped tent well for easy setup. The top straps fix the frame poles at the top and the great quality plastic buckles hold the tent together. The floor is well-made and strong to support you inside as it’s made of anti-tear oxford cloth.

The waterproof fabric has in-built stub adhesive and can withstand strong wind and hold up to ground zero. It is also designed with an ultraviolet–sunproof protector coating and nylon that is breathable therefore improving the ventilation. The ventilation vents don’t allow rain inside the tent so you should not worry when it starts to rain.

Features at a Glance

  • Quick and easy to install within no time
  • Windproof waterproof sun-proof and well ventilated
  • Holds to the ground strongly and stands high pressure
  • Has Interior mesh canopy pockets that keep away pest
  • Very durable buckles and ultra-light plastic clips

TETON Sports Mountain Ultra Tent

You definitely don’t want to go camping and get restricted in a tent due to small spaces. No one either wants to carry a heavyweight when on a backpacking or camping trip. This is why you need the TETON Sports Mountain Ultra Tent that can hold up to 4 people.

This tent is not only durable but also lightweight. It provides you with an easy setup so you don’t have to spend all your time trying to set it up.

If you need a quality tent that can withstand even rugged conditions, this one will hold up well. Sometimes getting away from civilization helps us to unwind. You can enjoy quality time in the woods and enjoy watching the Milky Way. This is why the tent features a full mesh top to provide you with a memorable stargazing experience.

Having this tent also keeps you safe and comfortable outdoors. It protects you from pests and keeps you dry from rain as it is waterproof. Additionally, it is lightweight and packs down tightly making it easy to pack and carry.

You will also appreciate the innovative design of the tent that adds more comfort. It features a built-in cutaway vent for a free flow of air. It also features a dome shape making it easy to use anywhere when you are outdoors. Moreover, the floor of the tent can extend up the sidewall to protect you from the elements.

The tent seams and anchor points are reinforced with heat tape technology which lasts a lifetime making the tent habitable all through. Large internal mesh pockets are available to hold flashlights, notebooks,s and more small items. Not forgetting the gear loft at the top.

Features at a Glance

  • Good ventilation so no build-up of moisture and condensation
  • Easy to have the tent set up with just a pair of hands
  • Built well and is resistant to water and pests
  • It includes footprints that keep the tent surface up to shape
  • Light in weight to carry on alongside the other camping gears

Coleman 2-Person Sundome Tent

Planning to take your partner out camping? If so, you will need to choose a quality tent that will accommodate you and your partner. This is where the Coleman 2-Person Sundome Tent comes in. The tent is spacious enough to hold two people so you and your partner will feel comfortable even when far from home.

You don’t have to spend hours setting this tent up while you should be busy enjoying your camping trip.

It gives you a simple setup in just 10 minutes. Since it features snag-free and continuous poles, you only have to feed the poles once making the setup quick.

If you are camping during summer, you need a tent that is breathable enough. This one features two large windows and a ground vent to promote air circulation. This means that you will enjoy a comfortable and cool sleep at night.

Wondering where you will keep your camping essentials? Coleman has got you covered because the tent has a convenient place to organize your things. You can keep your items within reach and away from the floor. The sewn-in mesh pocket is great to keep your sunglasses and other small items.

I also love this tent because it keeps you dry. The floor features patented corner welds as well as inverted seams to keep water out. Additionally, it has a hooded rainfly so you don’t have to worry when the windows are open during a heavy downpour.

Features at a Glance

  • Provides you with a simple and quick setup
  • Mesh pocket to organize your items
  • Comes with a carrying case making it easy to pack
  • Large windows and ground vents improve air circulation
  • Patented corner welds and inverted seams keep water out


All said and done, let’s revisit the main points. First, it is now clear that nothing can prevent you from getting the best backpacking tent under $200 on the market today. Second, there are a few factors you have to consider to get exactly what you need. And lastly, we all agree that backpacking tents are the way to go. Just pick your best camping destination and set off.

What I’m saying is, that there is nothing that can come between you and an adventure in the wild. All you need to do is pick the right backpacking tent, which won’t be a problem anymore, and find your fun moment. Whether you are an alone camper or have a camping partner, you can always find the camping tent that works for you and your budget.