The Best Action Camera Head Mount in 2022

Action Camera Head Mount
Action Camera Head Mount

Action cameras are not only versatile but also allow us to capture the highest quality images and videos. Action camera head mounts offer us the opportunity to enhance our experience and capture hands-free POV footage. All action camera head mounts share some common features, but a few additional features will help you decide which one best suits your needs!

Action camera head mounts are easy to use. You can attach them to a helmet or directly on your head in a headlamp-like position. They have a universal socket that makes them compatible with all action cameras.

There are several types of head strap mounts available on the market, such as the Single Action Camera Head Strap Mount which lets you shoot hands-free, fluid footage from a first-person perspective. A bundle kit with Head Strap Mount is perfect for your adventure travels. These kits are versatile and maximize the utility of your action cam. With adjustable action cam kid’s head straps, you can capture the joys of your little ones. The kids enjoy it immensely too!

Top 10 Bestseller Action Camera Head Mount

Let’s take a look at The 12 Best Action Camera Head Mounts currently available on the market…

Single Action Camera Head Strap Mounts

Single action camera head strap mounts are lightweight, stable, and useful for capturing stunning POV footage while you’re biking, climbing a hill, skydiving or snowboarding.

GoPro Head Strap with QuickClip – Official GoPro Mount, Black

GoPro Head Strap with QuickClip - Official GoPro Mount,Black
  • Compatible with all GoPro cameras
  • Includes: (1) Head strap
  • Includes: (1) Quick clip

What we like: This official GoPro head strap mount is one of the most popular GoPro accessories for capturing great hands-free POV footage. It’s lightweight and portable. This head strap can be worn over a helmet or directly on your head. Adjustable to fit all head sizes, it also features a quick clip to attach GoPro to a back baseball cap.

What we don’t like: There is an annoying issue with using this head harness where the hinge is too loose for the camera to stay in place.

SABRENT Action Cam Head Strap Camera Mount

SABRENT Action Cam Head Strap Camera Mount [Compatible with Action Cameras] (GP-HDST)
  • Perfect for GoPro Hero9, Hero8, Hero7, Hero6, Hero5, Session, Hero4, Hero3+, Hero3, Hero2, Hero1, Hero (2018), Fusion and most action cameras.
  • Fits directly on head or over most helmets
  • Ideal for hands-free filming when you want a point-of-view angle

What we like: This head strap mount from Sabrent is sturdy and adjustable to all head sizes and can also be worn around your helmet. It helps you take smooth snapshots and videos. A great advantage of this product is that it has a very competitive price for the great build quality and comfort it offers.

What we don’t like: I have come across people complaining about the discomfort they feel while wearing it for high-performance sports. So I won’t recommend it if you want to use it for the same.

Head Strap Mount for GoPro Cameras

Head Strap Mount for GoPro Cameras - Headband Harness + Aluminum Thumbscrew - Fits All Go Pro Hero Models, HERO4, HERO3+ Black Edition, HERO3, HERO2, HERO1, HD & SJ4000 etc. - 1 Year Warranty
  • Nordic Flash™ Head Strap Mount is Compatible with ALL GoPro Cameras; HERO4, HERO3+, HERO3, HERO2, HD HERO & SJ4000 etc
  • One Size Fits All - Head Strap Mount is Elastic and Adjustable (Use on Head or Helmet)
  • Made of Durable Nylon Material with Anti-Slide Design - Comes in Premium Packaging with Product Manual

What we like: The Topmener head strap mount offers premium durability while being extremely portable and lightweight. This product is very comfortable to wear and adjustable to fit all head sizes. It helps you get quality hands-free shots while skiing, riding, motorcycling, and other sports.

What we don’t like: this is a great head strap mount. I personally haven’t felt or heard any major drawbacks to this product yet.

Amazon Basics Head Strap Camera Mount

GoPro Head Strap with QuickClip - Official GoPro Mount,Black
  • Compatible with all GoPro cameras
  • Includes: (1) Head strap
  • Includes: (1) Quick clip

What we like: As the name suggests, this product has an adjustable head mount with an elastic strap, which is suitable for all head sizes and can also be worn around your helmet. It offers an amazing anti-slip feature for your action cameras. This mount shines with high quality and every product is fully inspected by an AMZ technician.

What we don’t like: The fact that it is not compatible with the Hero 5 is a major drawback of this mount. Also, I would not recommend it when swimming or underwater shooting.

MiPremium Head Strap Mount Compatible with GoPro Hero

MiPremium Head Strap Mount Compatible with GoPro Hero 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 3+ 2 1 Hero (2018) Fusion Session Black Silver Sjcam Action Cameras Elastic Flexible Head Belt + Aluminum Thumbscrew (Head Strap)
  • ►【GO HANDS-FREE, CAPTURE THE FOOTAGE WITHOUT HOLDING THE CAMERA IN YOUR HANDS】 With your camera secured to your helmet or your head it captures the action with your hands free. The MiPremium head strap mount is ideal for low-impact indoor and outdoor activities and hands-free filming when you want a point-of-view angle.
  • ►【ADJUSTS TO FIT ON YOUR HEAD OR YOUR HELMET - ONE SIZE FITS ALL】 The straps of our head mount is fully adjustable to fit on your head or over the helmet. The elastic straps have non-slip rubber inserts which optimizes the grip and stays securely on your helmet or your head. Measures 6 to 7 inches in diameter; stretches to 12 inches in diameter
  • ►【MADE OF DURABLE NYLON MATERIAL WITH ANTI-SLIDE DESIGN】Light weight, portable action camera headband, easy to take around. The MiPremium headband harness is waterproof & specially designed to deliver Comfort and stability.

What we like: If you’re looking for a head strap mount that’s lightweight and handy, this quality product from MiPremium is for you. The solid construction of the head mount fits both outdoor and indoor sports shooting and is adjustable for all head sizes. Compatible with all GoPro cameras, this mount also delivers various angle shots with up to 180 degrees of tilt.

What we don’t like: I felt that this mount is not very stable in some situations during video recording.

Best Action Cam Head Mounts in Bundle Kit

If you want to use your camera to film outdoor videos from different angles, a bundle kit is probably the best choice because all the important mounts are included in one pack (head, wrist, chest straps, etc.).

Here I’ve reviewed some of the most popular action camera bundle kits to help you choose the best kit for your needs.

Sametop Head Mount Strap Chest Mount Harness Chesty Kit

Sametop Head Mount Strap Chest Mount Harness Chesty Kit Compatible with GoPro Hero 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, Session, 3+, 3, 2, 1, Hero (2018), Fusion, Max, DJI Osmo Action Cameras
  • 【Wide Compatibility】Sametop chest harness and head strap fit all Go Pro Hero11, Hero10, Hero9, Hero8, Hero7, Hero6, Hero5, Hero4, Session, Hero3+, Hero3, Hero2, Hero1, Hero (2018), Fusion, Max and most action cameras.
  • 【Multi Purpose】Suitable for mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, motocross, paddle sports, cliff diving wake boarding and other action sports.
  • 【Immersive View】The Head mount and chesty give you an immersive view of your activity and a better perspective.

What we like: The Head and Chest Mount Strap Kit from Sametop offers you a piece of high-quality equipment to hold your camera securely while capturing fascinating moments while skiing, crossing motorcycles, cliff jumping, paddling sports, etc! This multi-purpose kit is fully adjustable to your needs (whether you want your cameras on your head or your chest). It is compatible with almost all action cameras and also supports the Quick Release mechanism for ease.

What we don’t like: I have found that the strap clips on this mount are not very durable and fall apart with continued use.

CamKix Head & Backpack Mount Bundle

CamKix Head & Backpack Mount Bundle Compatible with GoPro Hero 8 ,7, 6, 5, Black, Session, Hero 4, Black, Silver, Hero+ LCD, 3+, 3, DJI Osmo Action - Head Strap/Hat Quick Clip/Backpack Clip Mount
  • MOUNT BUNDLE FOR HEAD AND BACKPACK by CamKix offers three different solutions to allow users to shoot hands free during a range of activities.
  • HEAD STRAP MOUNT can be used on head and helmets: The straps of the head mount adjust to fit directly on to your head or over a helmet. The inside of the strap has anti slip swirls added for optimal grip to stay securely on your head or helmet.
  • BACKPACK CLIP features a mount that can be rotated 360 degrees for optimal camera positioning.

What we like: With this product, you can take beautiful snapshots and videos from different angles. It’s a perfect fit for all your action sports like climbing, snowboarding, diving, biking, and more! Like most of the others in this list, this one is compatible with all Action Cam. I am very impressed with so many great features this bundle offers:

  • Head strap mount for head or helmet.
  • Adjustable anti-slip swivels for added support.
  • Backpack clip for 360-degree tilt.
  • Hat Quick Clip for attaching your camera to a baseball cap in the back.

What we don’t like: Otherwise, a great product. The only thing I don’t like is that I feel like it’s a bit of a hassle to put together and adjust.

Neewer 50 in 1 Action Camera Accessory Kit

NEEWER 50 in 1 Action Camera Accessory Kit Compatible with GoPro Hero 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 GoPro Max GoPro Fusion Insta360 DJI Osmo Action Action 2 AKASO, and more
  • Ultimate Compatibility: Compatible with GoPro Hero 11 10 9 8 GoPro Max GoPro Fusion, and its earlier models. Also compatible with DJI Osmo Action, Insta360 AKASO APEMAN Campark SJCAM, etc
  • Straps for Head, Chest & Helmet: Designed for all head sizes and body shapes, the straps secure the camera on your head and chest for taking breathtaking POV shots of surfing, skateboarding, parachuting, and bungy jumping. The helmet strap tightly fastens your camera on a helmet for road biking races, mountain bike trails, and BMX
  • Wrist Strap & Floating Handle Grip: The wrist strap with a 360° rotatable mount is easily adaptable to fit your wrist and arm for taking shots from different angles. The floating handle grip keeps your camera afloat in the water when swimming or snorkeling

What we like: This is an all-in-one fun kit to accompany you on all your exciting adventures. This kit includes many mounts, straps, and belts to keep your camera safe while you make some amazing memories while diving, swimming, diving, climbing, biking, etc. It is lightweight, durable, and compatible with almost all action cameras. It includes:

  • Elastic wrist strap with a mount that can rotate 360 degrees.
  • Car suction cup mount to attach your camera to any smooth surface.
  • The mini tripod is compatible with smartphones.
  • Selfie sticks to take pictures and videos from different angles.
  • Fully adjustable head strap and chest strap.

What we don’t like: this kit has something for everyone. However, I think that the quality of some accessories is not quite suitable.

VVHOOY 3 in 1 Universal Action Camera Accessories Bundle Kit

VVHOOY 3 in 1 Universal Action Camera Accessories Kit - Head Strap Mount/Chest Harness/Selfie Stick Compatible with Gopro Hero 11 10 9 8 7 6 5/AKASO EK7000/V50/Brave 7/Dragon Touch Action Camera
  • 【Universal Action Camera Head&Harness Strap Mount】:Comfortable, fully-adjustable design fits all shapes and sizes of GoPro. The length of the Strap can be adjusted to a suitable size for you
  • 【Application 1】: The extendable Selfie Stick Monopod + Tripod mount adapter + Long Screw. It can work with all compact point and digital cameras that has self-timer and tripod. Adjustable Ball-head allow you to easily adjust angle, extends your reach when taking photos
  • 【Application 2】: Chest Strap Mount + Surface J-Hook Buckle + Long Screw Bolt. The Chest Harness Strap Belt and J-Hook Buckle helps your Gopro camera to have a shooting and recording steadily on the chest. Used in Parachuting bicycle riding, swimming, diving, skating and other outdoor sports

What we like: This waterproof 3-in-1 kit is perfect for adventures like surfing, diving, hang gliding, skiing, or mountain biking. It is lightweight and durable, with a fully adjustable head and chest straps. This kit offers compatibility with all GoPro cameras. Some important contents of this kit are:

  • Selfie Stick monopod,
  • Tripod mount adapter, and
  • Long screw for shooting footage from different angles.

What we don’t like: Overall, it is a nice product, but some users say that the composition of this kit is a bit confusing.

The action cam head harness for kids

Kids are much more adventurous and active than their parents and it’s a pleasure to capture their fun moments while they dive into the water, climb up a hill, or surf in the snow. The Action CamHead Harness for Kids is comfortable, flexible, and will surprise you with high-quality, realistic footage of your kids!

ProGear Adjustable Kids Chest and Head Mount Bundle

ProGear Adjustable Kids Chest and Head Mount Bundle for GoPro Hero 4/3+/3/2/1 Session Ages 3-14
  • -Attention Sellers- ProGear Only
  • Designed For Kids And Juniors, Durable And Comfortable
  • Head Mount And Chest Mount, Both Fully Adjustable

What we like: This lucky kit is designed specifically for kids ages 3-14 and up, and records high-quality, hands-free video of your kids while they’re out and about… Compatible with all action cameras, this child mount bundle is durable and equally comfortable for your kids to wear.

What we don’t like: No major issues have been reported for this product so far.

Hats with action camera mount

There are a number of Action Camera mounts that allow you to capture stunning POV footage. Sometimes you don’t need to wear a helmet on your head while doing sports. Hats with GoPro mounts are then a simple, elegant, and perfect alternative.

Hat Compatible with Removable Camera Head Mount

Hat Compatible with Removable Camera Head Mount - Action Camcorder HD Edition – Go Pro 4 Silver, 3 + Black, 2 White, 1- Helmet Accessory Strap Caps Harness Studio Accessories
  • ★ UNINTERRUPTED FIELD OF VIEW: The FreeCapture baseball GoPro hat allows you to record stunning point of view shots while conveniently freeing your hands. Whether you're shooting using a super wide or narrow field of view, the bill of the hat will never get in the way.
  • ★ COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: With the action camera mount placed right at the back of the bill, the front of the GoPro hat doesn't get pushed down as you wear it or cause any forehead soreness. The ball cap is also comfortably deep to give you the freedom to walk or jog without it coming off.
  • ★ PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT: We've fitted FreeCapture with an extra strong mount to make for hero GoPro accessories that prevent your expensive camera from dropping. The permanent clamp on the visor and sturdy screw allow you to immerse yourself in the moment without worrying about your equipment.

What we like: With this product, you can not only record stable hands-free videos but also be comfortable and record in style! This kit is compatible with all action cameras and has a pocket-friendly and extra-strong mount to secure your camera.

What we don’t like: The downside of this kit is: that it gets a little uncomfortable to carry when your camera is on the heavier side.

Smatree Baseball Hat with Quick Release Buckle Mount

Smatree Baseball Hat with Quick Release Buckle Mount Compatible for GoPro 5 Session Hero 11/10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3 Plus/3/2/1/DJI OSMO Action Cameras (L 58-60cm) Black
  • Soft and lightweight, have no obvious sense of heaviness.
  • Free your hand, convenient to shoot videos without hand-hold.
  • Fit for Fishing, Hiking, Biking, Golfing, Attending Parties, Concert and Watching Games etc.

What we like: With this mount, you can record some stunning hands-free POV videos while doing various activities like fishing, hiking, biking or parties, concerts, games, etc. It is lightweight and features a quick-release buckle for easy on and off. Compatible with all most action cameras, it also offers good breathability.

What we do not like: According to some users, more padding is needed when the plug presses on the head.


Action camera lets you capture the world from your own perspective. Action camera accessories not only enhance your experience but let you enjoy everything hands-free as you immerse yourself in your adventures.