Best 0 Degree Sleeping Bags

Best 0 Degree Sleeping Bag for Backpacking
Best 0 Degree Sleeping Bag for Backpacking

The type of sleeping bag that you choose determines whether you get a restful sleep at night, especially during winter. The temperatures may be relatively low meaning you need to have the best 0-degree sleeping bag that will keep you warm at night.

After a long day of outdoor adventure, the next thing you need is a peaceful night for the body to relax. Sleeping bags for cold nights should have important features like zipper draft tubes, hoods, and shoulder straps to keep you very warm. In addition, they should have a temperature rating of 0 degrees F for winter camping.

You can end up getting a night of discomfort when you make the wrong selection of a sleeping bag. A 0-degree backpacking sleeping bag will be ideal on a cold evening. This guide takes you through important things that make a great sleeping bag for cold nights and important things you should consider when selecting the best 0-degree sleeping bag.

Things To Consider

Camping and other outdoor activities are great sources of peace and adventure. Whether you are on vacation or for just a little getaway, you need efficient gear to enhance your experiment. For that reason, the warmer sleeping bag is one of the camping gear you need to have with you out there.

Weather and Place of Use

If you are camping during winter, there are a few things that you need to put in mind before you purchase a sleeping bag. To begin with, you need to look at the temperature ratings. This is a very important thing that you should not forget. The ideal bag should have a temperature rating of 0 degrees.

The Type of Insulation

The insulation also matters a lot. Down is the most preferred with a 650-power fill rating or above. Down is able to retain heat hence keeping you warm as compared to other types of insulation.

Length and Fit

You should as well look at the length of the sleeping bag. Most people go for bags with an extra 10 inches to get enough space to store things like cameras, boots, and water among other things, so they do not freeze.


In addition, sleeping bags that are designed with a wide cutting are a great selection for cold nights because they allow you to get put on warmer clothes without necessarily constricting the bag.

How I Selected the 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags come in different types, designs, and insulation depending on the place that they will be used. Camping during winter requires a very warm sleeping bag to ensure that you are warm during the night. Zero degrees backpacking sleeping bags are the best selection for cold nights.

Top 5 Best 0 Degree Sleeping Bag Reviews

We tested several types of sleeping bags putting into consideration the temperature rating, insulation, and how comfortable they are when sleeping. Other things that helped select the right bags included the shape and size of the bag. The selected sleeping bags have been proven to help you increase your level of comfort during cold nights.

Coleman North Rim 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

Camping during winter requires a zero-degree sleeping bag that is comfortable and will keep you alive at zero. A good bag like the Coleman North Rim 0 Degree Sleeping Bag will be the right pick for such cold nights. This bag is made of polyester, which is a lightweight material and waterproof

This sleeping bag has a 0 degree F temperature rating to provide you with comfort during cold nights. It is designed with a two-way zipper that ensures there is maximum ventilation. The zipper is thick and has a collar at the top to prevent leaks.

This mummy-styled sleeping bag wraps around your head to ensure that you are warm during the night. Many people who love camping on cold nights have found this bag very effective. It has a solid construction and strong stitching as compared to other types of bags. It is indeed a quality sleeping bag.

This zero degrees sleeping bag comes with a storage sack that can also be used to store valuable items, which can be affected by extreme weather conditions. If you need to clean the sleeping bag, you can do that with a commercial machine.

TETON Sports Celsius XXL 0 Degree F Flannel Lined Sleeping Bag


Small sleeping bags can be so uncomfortable when you are sleeping, especially if you are a big person. You do not necessarily need to squeeze yourself in a small bag while there are bigger bags like the TETON Sports Celsius XXL This is a roomy sleeping bag with enough space to stretch for most active sleepers.

People who love ample sleeping space will appreciate this oversized sleeping bag. You will always have a comfortable and warm night all the time. Couples who would love to spend the cold nights sleeping together, they can zip the bags together for a warm night.

The bag weighs 7 pounds and provides you with the desired level of comfort and warmth. It is made using SuperLoft Elite 4-channel hollow fiber insulation to prevent you from getting cold. In addition, it has a warm funnel lining that is able to retain body heat.

The self-adjusting zippers are open from top to bottom to allow you to get enough ventilation. If you are looking for a quality, roomy, and durable sleeping bag for winter and cold night camping, TETON Sports Celsius XXL should be on your mind.

Slumberjack Latitude Synthetic Sleeping Bag

There are different sleeping bags for different weather conditions. If you are planning for an outdoor adventure during cold weather, you have all the reasons to choose Slumberjack Latitude 0 Degree Synthetic Sleeping Bag to keep you warm at night. This sleeping bag has all the essential features required for cold conditions.

The comfort of this zero degrees synthetic sleeping bag is comparable to the real bed, thanks to the dense bottom that is soft to lie on. In addition, it has a Slumberloft fill which spreads warmth evenly inside the bag to keep you warm.

Your head is not left out in the cold; the presence of a flip-over hood keeps your head warm and comfortable even during adverse weather conditions. It is also designed with a full-length draft tube that prevents any heat loss, therefore, providing you with a comfortable and warm night.

Another thing that will impress you is its lightweight design. You can comfortably carry the sleeping bag even to longer distances. It is a very durable cold night bag that can stand up to the coldest weather condition.

Kelty Cosmic 0 Degree Down Sleeping Bag

A winter trip will not be effective if you have not armed yourself with a nice sleeping bag. An effective sleeping bag with a nice design like the Cosmic 0 Degree Down Sleeping Bag guarantees you warmth during cold nights. The insulated draft tube with an anti-snug design and a perfectly fitting hood ensure you get nothing but total warmth.

Other important things that are included to maximize warmth and reduce cold spots include ground-level seams, box-baffle construction, and differential cuts. It is an easy task to get in and of the bag, thanks to the dual slider zipper. Once you are inside, you can make the necessary adjustments to the hood to cover you effectively.

The liner on the inside has loops that hold it in place when you are sleeping. In addition, there are sleeping pad security loops that ensure you are on your pad. Experience warmer nights with this sleeping that is designed for cold night camping.

TETON Sports Flannel Lined Sleeping Bag

TETON Sports is a reputable brand that offers you big sleeping bags for all campers of sizes and shapes. So, why should you spend your money purchasing a sleeping bag that will press you while you are sleeping? Oversized sleeping bags like TETON Sports Celsius XL -18 Degree C / 0 Degree F are a perfect selection for bigger people who require a large sleeping space.

This is a well-made bag with dual-layer offset stitching to prevent chances of cold spots. It features two-sided zipper webbing to protect you from snags.

The bags come with zippers on both the right and left sides making it simple to zip two TETON Sports bags together to come up with a double bag for couples.

In order to keep you warm at night, this bag has a durable taffeta shell and SuperLoft Elite four-channel hollow fiber insulation. You can also use the TETON Sports XL sleeping bag liner for added comfort and easy cleaning.

Final Words

Many people find it a difficult task to select the right sleeping bag for cold weather. Zero-degree sleeping bags will work perfectly well during winter, but they are too warm for summer camping.

There are different criteria used when selecting the right zero-degree sleeping bag. Once you have identified the temperature rating, the bag shape, and the bag size, you can effectively select the best bag for warm camping nights.

The above sleeping bags are warm, roomy, and adapt to the current bedtime moment. Any of the bags guarantee comfort and warmth during cool weather. They provide you with a perfect fit making them perfect for outdoor activity.

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