App Store Apps For Better Business Performance

When operating your business at home, in the workplace, or while on the go, the finest small business applications offer a straightforward approach to handling many aspects of it.

Small business owners are aware of the necessity to stay flexible and productive. Mobile devices undoubtedly play a part in daily life, but selecting the best applications for them may take time and effort.

This is especially true if you only want to use one office software on your smartphone or tablet and don’t want to move papers across apps only to read them on multiple gadgets.

To choose apps for better performance, you need to analyze your business needs and the processes you want to optimize. Once you have defined your requirements, you can start looking for possible solutions. And if you don’t know where to start your search for apps from App Store, we’ve made up a list of apps that might be helpful. 

1. Fax App

Faxing is a demanding and time-consuming process many businesses have to deal with. However, this can be simplified if you fax from an iPhone. After downloading a fax via iPhone, you will be able to handle this process quickly and with your mobile device only. Faxing can be made much simpler with a mobile application. 

2. Slack

Instant messaging is made work-friendly with this productivity software. Whether you’re using your desktop or a mobile device, you can send an email to one of your colleagues and get a response just as quickly instead of scheduling pointless meetings or sending twice as many emails.

Slack is definitely worth giving a try because it has a free version and premium ones with more capabilities, especially given that they promise to boost productivity by 32%.

3. Kipwise

A knowledge management application called Kipwise makes it simple for teams to create a company knowledge hub. In order to store and readily access team knowledge wherever it is required, it features sophisticated Slack integration, browser extensions, and integrations with Google Drive, Trello, Airtable, and more.

A team can easily generate aesthetically appealing documentation by editing the same document at the same time utilizing its real-time interactive editor, which has comprehensive embedding features. Users can select certain individuals to review the collection, and Kipwise will notify them to do so on a regular basis to make sure online databases are constantly correct and up-to-date.

5. Spendgo

No matter if your consumers come into your store, shop on the Internet, or use their phones to make purchases, you can develop customer loyalty and advertising strategies with Spendgo. With Spendgo, you can create a points-based reward system, advertise, and even text or email clients.

Spendgo comes in three distinct plan tiers and can interact with leading POS, e-commerce, and marketing platforms. For a price estimate, you must speak with Spendgo directly.

6. Evernote

You should consider Evernote if you require a straightforward note-taking program. Use Evernote’s free, basic version to keep notes, make to-do lists, and exchange your notes with people if all you need to do is keep yourself focused.

On the other hand, you can take a look at Evernote for Business (which costs $14.99 per user each month).

7. PayPal

Due to its simplicity of use, PayPal has evolved into the de facto payment gateway for many internet businesses. It also ranks as our top option for the finest card processing service.

The most difficult component of setting up the PayPal process is frequently pasting a provided API key to begin; PayPal has enabled integration with payment gateways straightforwardly for major e-commerce websites, generally involving little more than a few clicks and an email address.

The Web Payments Standard for small businesses has no monthly fees, and transaction costs are based on sales volume. Although a lot of shopping carts are created from the ground up to support PayPal, it can also be utilized as a stand-alone service for accepting one-off payments from customers by simply putting a transaction button code through an email. Additionally, subscription purchases are by default available.

8. Hubspot

Hubspot is a service that offers a variety of tools for social media advertising, marketing and sales and data management. Hubspot is a top choice for the best content marketing tools and offers a wide range of toolkits to assist improve conversions. It also has capabilities in the best CRM software. Hubspot extends well beyond merely creating a website and modifying its content.

This is accomplished by providing options for content hosting, communication between members of a sales staff and with clients, and goals and objectives that can be monitored using Hubspot’s analytics tool.

The final note

These were the tools that will help you boost business performance and fit the needs of small businesses. We hope that these tools will be useful for you. 

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